Miracle Noodle Review

Jonathan Carp, MD., cared for his patient with lupus in 2004. He tends to encourage a healthier lifestyle, and his medication succeeded. Then, he delivered this idea to found Miracle Noodle with recipe-ready food in 2006.

Miracle Noodle Review
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This company uses 97% water and 3% fiber to create the products. In addition, they are low-carb and grain-free, allowing you to have healthier eating habits. It offers many items, including noodles, rice alternatives, desserts, and snacks.

Also, its variants collections are varied. You’ll see Japanese Curry, Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and others. Furthermore, you can mix any food ingredients to create a healthy meal. The recipe is accessible for free on the official website!

Since the products are tasty, press such as Men’s Health, Rachael Ray, and Living Without Magazine are reviewing them. Also, it has over 111K followers on Facebook and 75.1K on Instagram, which is enormous!

So let’s keep reading this Miracle Noodle review if you want to know more about the all-rounders’ products. Trust yourself and judge whether it is worth buying or not. Then, move to the following section now!

Why Shop at Miracle Noodle?

This food company allows you to purchase many taste variants, and the products are available in bundles. Furthermore, what plus points you may get from this California-based company?

Why Shop at Miracle Noodle?
Image credit: facebook.com/MiracleNoodle
facebook.com/MiracleNoodle https://facebook.com/MiracleNoodle

Here is the highlight you must know:

Miracle Noodle Highlights

  • Offers healthy and plant-based go-to food
  • Low carb, grain-free, and has many tastes
  • Suits diet methods from Keto, Pleto, etc
  • Donates 1% of every successful purchase to non-profit organizations
  • Sells on the official site, marketplace, and authorized retailers
  • Provides free recipes on the official website
  • Ships internationally
  • Receives thousands of 5-star ratings from customers

What's On Miracle Noodle

Recipe-ready food is the best solution when you have a tight schedule. However, the ones sold by Miracle Noodle are different from another company. What does it mean?

What's On Miracle Noodle
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facebook.com/MiracleNoodle https://facebook.com/MiracleNoodle

Not only are they healthy, but also they are grain-free and have low carbs! Here are 5 categories you may buy from the company:

Pasta/Noodle category includes Pad Thai, Keto Meal, Tom Yum, etc.
Rice Alternatives feature Ready-to-Eat Rice, Organic, etc.
Meals/Soup includes Thai Peanut Keto Meal, Japanese Curry Noodle, etc.
Low-Carb Desserts consist of Chocolate Smartcake, Zero Sugar Smartbun, etc.
Snacks feature Pumpkin Seeds in seven different variants.

Meanwhile, this Miracle Noodle review will focus on 4 all-rounders as follow:

Let’s dive into the first product review now!

Miracle Noodle Angel Hair Reviews

Here is the first best-selling, low-carb, grain-free, low-calorie, and recipe-ready Angel Hair or Shirataki. It is made of a Japanese konjac plant containing 97% water and 3% fiber. In addition, it is available in 5 bundles!

Miracle Noodle Angel Hair Reviews
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miraclenoodle.com https://miraclenoodle.com

Every serving consists of 5 calories and 3 grams of carbs. You can consume it during Keto and Pleto diet plan since it is free of cholesterol and gluten. The noodle is also free of GMO ingredients. Thanks to citric acid, it will keep the noodle in shape.

You can be more creative in making special recipes with this noodle. As a result, you can cook your desired meal and add other food ingredients to enjoy your healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Miracle Noodle Fettuccine Reviews

Regular fettuccine has 22 calories, but this Miracle Noodle Fettuccine only serves 5! Not only is it low in calories, but also the food is free of soy, gluten, and cholesterol. This grain-free product is perfect with any sauce, including alfredo, carbonara, etc.

Miracle Noodle Fettuccine Reviews
Image credit: miraclenoodle.com
miraclenoodle.com https://miraclenoodle.com

In addition, it is made of water and the konjac plant, which results in only 3 grams of carbohydrates. This fettuccine has a classic flat noodle shape. It is indeed a perfect Italian cuisine that will suit your diet plan from keto, vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Furthermore, this non-GMO product is recipe-ready. It’s grain-free and allows you to make any pasta for a healthy yet delicious meal. So, are you ready to manage your diet plan?

Miracle Noodle Miracle Rice Reviews

People on a tight diet always think rice is terrible for their plan. But say no more because this Miracle Rice allows you to eat this carb healthily. It is low calorie featuring 97% water and 3% fiber from Japanese Konjac.

Miracle Noodle Miracle Rice Reviews
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miraclenoodle.com https://miraclenoodle.com

This shirataki rice is low in calories and is free of soy and gluten. In addition, it has no GMO ingredients, which is safe for everyone, even for people with diabetes. This grain-free item also contains prebiotics, which are beneficial for your gut.

So if you crave healthy rice during a tight plan diet, you can go for this product. Then, are you ready to create any meal from fried rice to rice bowl? Click the link below to start shopping!

Miracle Noodle Organic Spaghetti Reviews

Are you searching for shirataki spaghetti? Look no further than this Organic Spaghetti because it is grain-free, has prebiotics, and is low in carbs. In addition, it will not bloat your body or make your tummy get bigger. Instead, it is healthy!

Miracle Noodle Organic Spaghetti Reviews
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miraclenoodle.com https://miraclenoodle.com

This item features fiber and water. You can eat it even when you have a tight diet schedule. Furthermore, it will make you feel full for a longer time. This spaghetti is perfect for any occasion, for your own or to gather with your beloved people.

This on-the-go food is also easy to make. You only need several minutes to cook it. Thus, will you make it for aglio olio, carbonara, or bolognese? Whatever it is, let’s buy it first!

Miracle Noodle Recipes

Since you can purchase recipe-ready recipes from this company, you can now cook the cuisine you like. You may also refer to the recipes based on the Cookbook provided by the crew on the site.

Miracle Noodle Recipes
Image credit: facebook.com/MiracleNoodle
facebook.com/MiracleNoodle https://facebook.com/MiracleNoodle

If you prefer fusion in your healthy meal, search for Customer Recipes. It is written thoroughly on the official website, allowing you to be creative with your cooking.

Suppose you are too busy to read the review; this company’s social media contains cooking recipe videos. Then, which recipe will you make first?

Miracle Noodle Pricing

As discussed, the company only offers a bundle for all customers. You can prepare the budget as follow and choose your desired set bundle.

Product 6-pack 12-pack 18-pack 24-pack 30-pack
Angel Hair $27.99 $47.99 $69.99 $90.99 $105.99
Fettuccine $27.99 $47.99 $69.99 $90.99 $105.99
Miracle Rice $27.99 $47.99 $69.99 $90.99 $105.99
Spaghetti $29.99 $50.99 $71.99 $92.99 $107.99

In addition, you may subscribe to the plan monthly. Special for subscribers, you’ll get a 15% discount! So, will you buy it for a one-time purchase or subscribe to the program?

Miracle Noodle Promotions

You may not prefer a bundle pack since it is too expensive. Worry not because you can apply the following promotions to cut the price:

  • Subscribe to a monthly plan for a 15% discount code
  • Join the Reward Program to get special benefits
  • Sign up for the affiliate program and mean a 10-20% commission
  • Buy bulk orders for wholesale price
  • Enjoy free shipping for all US orders

Then, let’s see the nutrition facts to ensure you get sufficient nutrition and place an order now!

Miracle Noodle Pros and Cons

Whether you’re going to purchase the products or not, here is the comparison between the plus and minus points of Miracle Noodle.


  • Healthy go-to food
  • It suits any diet method
  • Delicious taste
  • Easy to make
  • Ships to the US and Canada
  • Free shipping for all orders
  • 30-day return policy
  • Gets many good feedbacks from customers


  • Only available in bundle
  • No shipping outside the US and Canada

Miracle Noodle Customer Reviews

Let’s see how people react after eating food from this company. This section will tell you how many ratings the abovementioned products get and their testimonials.

Miracle Noodle Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/MiracleNoodle
facebook.com/MiracleNoodle https://facebook.com/MiracleNoodle

Here are the ratings you must know:

Meanwhile, below is what satisfied customers say:

It is so wonderful, has no calorie, no carb alternative to pasta. The noodles absorb sauce if they are cooked together. The best diet food I’ve found. The rice and fettuccine are also amazing!

This customer is happy to find no calories and has no carbs food. He finds it the best diet food he ever eats!

Another customer says:

All of the noodles are great! They’re a good replacement for authentic noodles with best texture and taste. Highly recommend these products.

This customer finds the noodles impressive to replace the real ones. In addition, the taste and texture are great, which is recommended!

Simply put, Miracle Noodle successfully creates ready-to-go food for everyone with a healthy diet plan. Thus, customers are satisfied with the quality and recommend it so much.

Is Miracle Noodle Worth It?

Every food has different nutrition facts, but the one which this company manufactures ensures its nutrition healthily. Well, Miracle Noodle is worth trying, period! Its products are low in calories, which is excellent for your body.

Is Miracle Noodle Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/MiracleNoodle
facebook.com/MiracleNoodle https://facebook.com/MiracleNoodle

Furthermore, they allow dieting more manageable. Not to mention you’ll get a free shipping perk. So don’t think twice because it is no need. Instead, let’s place an order for your desired delicious taste now!

Where to Buy Miracle Noodle

Customers are lucky because the company offers products in 3: official website, marketplace, and authorized retailers. The marketplace which sells Miracle Noodle foods is Amazon, Walmart, and Thrive Market. 

Meanwhile, you can check the store locator page to see nearby retailers. Then, which will you purchase first Japanese Curry or Vegan Pho?

Miracle Noodle Customer Service

Do you face a problem? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service via these methods:

Suppose you need a fast response; contacting the team via Live Chat is recommended. However, if your question has not replied yet, please wait for at least 24 hours. Also, this is the warehouse address of this company:

Miracle Noodle Warehouse
28904 Avenue Paine
Valencia, CA 91355
United States


Learn Miracle Noodle deeply

You may be curious about another affair of this company. So keep reading the following section and seek the answer!

What is Miracle Noodle made of?

The company manufactures the go-to food of plant-based ingredients, consisting of 97% water and 3% flour konjac.

Are Miracle Noodles good for diabetics?

Precisely! Since it is made of plant-based ingredients and free of gluten which is safe for diabetes.

Are Miracle Noodles tasty?

Absolutely! The noodle is tasty; you can add more seasonings, whatever you want to gulp in.

Do you have to rinse Miracle Noodles?

Yes, you must rinse it with cold water within 1-2 minutes before giving seasonings to the noodle.


Having healthy food to take care of your body is a miracle. Like Miracle Noodle‘s products, you can eat recipe-ready delicious food. In addition, it is perfect for any diet due to its low carbs and gluten-free.

You can consider how much product you need and choose the bundle. Then, are you ready to keep your body healthy? Visit the official website and start purchasing now!

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