Secret Island Salmon Reviews

You probably need fresh salmon to be consumed at home to the fullest benefit. But, you don’t have much time to purchase it easily and get it freshly to market. That’s why Secret Island Salmon provides the highest quality salmon with its freshness, even in a flash-frozen package.

Secret Island Salmon Reviews
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This brand has already been expertized in the field for over 25 years. With the aim of making their seafood to be accessible to all people in the US, they strive for the process, purity, and plan that meant to be better in the future.

Secret Island Salmon has already been featured in popular media publicity, such as Forbes, Verywell Fit, The Spruce Eats, Simply Recipes, and many more. Not stopping there, they’ve been seen as a popular brand that boasts 1.5k followers on Facebook and 2k followers on Instagram.

What we like about them is that their customers are loyal because this brand often holds giveaways on its social media page. You can also check it and try your luck. Who knows if you can win!

What’s more? You can also find recipes on its official website. You can try the new secret recipes with the product you’ve bought from the brand. For example, try to cook Secret Island Salmones Austral because it is so delicious!

Now you know about the brand further. Hold up! We have several matters to inform you about. Let’s see another point of Secret Island Salmon reviews just below!

Why Secret Island Salmon?

Secret Island Salmon serves frozen salmon caught in the clear and cold waters off the coast of Chile’s Patagonia. This Patagonia environment is well-known for its freshness and purity, so it can provide natural and fresh seafood.

Why Secret Island Salmon?
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Therefore, it preserves salmon as quickly as its harvest at the peak of the freshness of quality to keep the taste of the ocean at your plate, which leads to sustainable aquaculture practices.

Hence, targeted consumers who always crave the highest quality of salmon for fulfilling nutrition must pick one.

As mentioned earlier, they’ve been expertized for over 25 years in the aquaculture industry to ensure the highest quality even for every product.

In spite of the salmon being flash-frozen, there will be a guarantee of their transparent process to ensure every product. This is held along with Secret Island Salmon’s mission, which is to serve sustainable seafood products that are accessible to everyone.

Secret Island Salmon Bundles Review

This Secret Island Bundle is another way to purchase curated salmon flash-frozen products in one bundle. There are 3 kinds of salmon bundling.

Secret Island Salmon Bundles Review
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Secret Island Salmon Review

You may pick a Grilling Bundle including Salmon Hot Dogs, Salmon Burgers, and Premium Atlantic Salmon.

You can also choose another bundle, like the Taco Bundle, including Blackened Salmon fillets and Smoke Bacon with a center-cut salmon belly. These can be served in 12 servings.

Secret Island Atlantic Salmon Review

If you’re willing to cook a firm texture of salmon, you may need to pick this one. Atlantic Salmon has a creamy flavor and delicious taste that you can pair with any recipe perfectly.

Secret Island Atlantic Salmon Review
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It would be better to choose the Atlantic bundle because you’ll get 12 servings at an affordable price.

Moreover, Atlantic Salmon also comes up with different products, like Atlantic Salmon Hot Dogs and Atlantic Salmon Burger. It would be perfect if you wanted to make some easy-peasy dishes.

Secret Island Coho Salmon Review

Secret Salmon Coho Salmon is another different legendary ocean fish with its luxury and silky texture. This kind of salmon has a rich taste, making the world’s best chefs and home cooks seek it.

Secret Island Coho Salmon Review
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It’s a salmon flash-frozen with Omega-3 boost as a healthy raw fish to be consumed. Moreover, Coho Salmon is always fresh because of the aquaculture practices that preserve the freshness of legendary salmon by freezing it within hours of its harvest to maintain the quality.

Secret Island Salmon Hot Dogs Review

It is a legendary product that is friendly to keto and paleo people. These Salmon Hot Dogs are creamy and will be smokey after you grill and pan-sear them.

Secret Island Salmon Hot Dogs Review
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It also has a savory flavor and an Omega-3 boost, making your menu delicious and healthy. You can also finish off with various toppings you like.

Secret Island Salmon Cooking Tips

To get the best taste and quality of salmon, you need to store the product when it is finally arriving at home. What you need to do is to let it cold for about 12 hours before cooking.

If you’re going to cook it, pat your salmon with a paper towel until dry. Heat it up within some minutes, depending on thickness, temperature, and your preferences.

Secret Island Salmon Pros and Cons

It would be better if this Secret Island Salmon review also discussed Secret Island Salmon’s pros and cons.

Therefore, you can be wise and consider before purchasing this legendary frozen seafood product. Let’s look at these pros and cons.

Secret Island Salmon Pros

  • Over 25 years of industry expertise
  • It is quickly frozen within hours at the peak of freshness
  • It is frozen with high-technology liquid nitrogen blast tunnel freezers
  • It has various salmon types and cuttings
  • It has discounts for singles and bundles with curated packs
  • Guaranteed for every bite

Secret Island Salmon Cons

  • It has limited information about the company’s background
  • No shipping fee

Secret Island Salmon Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Don’t ever buy a product from a brand without testimonials. Luckily, you’ll get many customers review from this brand.

Secret Island Salmon Customer Reviews
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Based on the website, this brand got an excellent 4.17/5 stars rating based on 18 reviews. Not much, but at least that’s honest! Now let’s see what they said about the brand just below.

One customer just bought a product from the brand, and without a doubt, he recommends it.

We’ve ordered salmon from the brand over the last few months. It arrives frozen with dry ice. Recommend ordering early in the week on Sunday or Monday. Otherwise, it sits shipping warehouse. This happened to us once. The salmon was excellent because of the packaging process. Best salmon you will ever eat!!

Another honest review from a customer that bought salmon from the brand states:

I never used to like salmon, but my wife always touted the benefits of this fish. Then I decided to try this brand of salmon, and there is no looking back. Now I always look forward to salmon meals every week. I especially love the blackened one.

Undoubtedly, they all told the truth and were happy with the order they’d had. What about you? If you want to try too, then navigate the website.

Is Secret Island Salmon Worth It?

We all know that salmon is a healthy seafood. Therefore, this brand considers it to provide fresh flash-frozen salmon straight to your door.

How does this brand process the product? Really, you’ll get satisfied as they’re completely transparent with their process in the making. They have at least 6 steps before they can deliver it to you.

Even better, they value pure, fresh flavor seafood for all people in the US. Providing the best shipping so your package will stay in its best quality.

You’ll not regret purchasing products from the brand because they’re healthy and taste great! So, without a doubt, we can conclude that this brand is truly worth buying.

Secret Island Salmon Warranty

As mentioned, Secret Island Salmon guarantees customers experience even for every product or bite. It also becomes their mission to ensure an amazing eating salmon experience with their fresh seafood.

Hence, if you find some material issues related to the products, you can report the damage to Secret Island Salmon. If a shipping delay is out of schedule, contact Secret Island Salmon at for 24 hours.

Secret Island Salmon Customer Service

In need to get in touch with the brand? Don’t worry. They have many ways for you to contact them.

They strive to give you exceptional service! All your questions will be answered within 24 hours during business hours.

Where To Buy Secret Island Salmon

It’s the perfect time to order tasteful seafood! You can directly head over to the official website.


After digging into Secret Island Salmon‘s legendary products, you may think this brand has various salmon products that would suit your home menu. In addition, you can also choose a variant of salmon type and its cut.

Secret Island Salmon serves various cutting and innovations, like the skin of the salmon portion, the center-cut salmon belly, and the processed salmon for hot dogs and burgers.

You can even choose a frozen salmon product that has Whiskey Teriyaki Salmon, a processed salmon product that has been seasoned with teriyaki sauces and other herbs and ingredients.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about Secret Island Salmon’s flash-frozen products because they’re fresh and have good quality, so the vitamins and nutrients are maintained while consuming.

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