TRUFF Review

What is TRUFF?

Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni are partners in creating cooking content on Instagram. Its @sauce account is famous, and it is the beginning of TRUFF. This duo decided to develop truffle-based seasonings in 2017.

TRUFF Review
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Who knows, their products are loved by many customers. They even launched a giant replica of Hot Sauce in Vegas Sphere. Recently, they released new collaborations with Super Mario Movie and Hidden Valley Ranch.

One of the reasons why customers like the products is its main ingredients. It uses actual black truffles to enhance the deep taste of any cuisine. Further, they feature natural sweeteners from agave nectar.

Curious customers who want to know more about the company may check it on Forbes, CNN, Real Simple, Good Morning America, etc. Spicy lovers may also get updates from its 232K-followed Instagram and 154K-followed Facebook.

But if you want a simple method, reading this TRUFF review is the best answer. Check whether you can resist the spiciness before placing an order. So, let’s delve in!


What is so special about TRUFF sauce?

You may be disappointed when you hear of this company for the first time since truffle is always expensive. Yet, does this condition apply to TRUFF? Search for the answer by reading the list below!

TRUFF Highlights

  • Seasoning sauce sourced from real black truffle
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Offers different spicy rate
  • Promotes delicious restaurant-taste
  • Features agave nectar sweetener
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Suitable for all food companion
  • Luxury packaging and affordable price
  • Provides pausable subscription
  • Ships internationally
  • A satisfaction guarantee is available
  • Receives positive feedback from customers

What's On TRUFF

This seasoning company has been famous because of its UFO post on social media. But let’s skip this discussion because it is too far from the product categorization.

What's On TRUFF
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First, take a look at the table below to see what products it offers:

Hot Sauce Oil Salt Gear
Pasta Sauce Mayo Gifts

Will we focus on the pasta sauce review? Well, the following list is what we’ll discuss in this TRUFF review, such as:

So, let’s begin!

TRUFF Original Hot Sauce Reviews

Salute to the product that will heat you, whether you’re having breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Original Hot Sauce is the primadonna because each serving promotes 10 calories.

TRUFF Original Hot Sauce Reviews
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It releases 2,500-3,000 SHU spiciness as the foundation of red chili peppers, which is addictive! The sauce is made of black truffle oil, aiming for a better dish taste.

In addition, the product features vegan and gluten-free ingredients. Instead, the sweet taste comes from agave nectar. Therefore, the best option is to pour the sauce on pizza, scramble, and avocado toast!

TRUFF Hotter Sauce Reviews

Are you a challenger who finds the Original Hot Sauce so-so? If so, try this flagship product of TRUFF, Hotter Sauce! It is called so because it releases 5,000 to 7,000 SHU, thanks to the jalapeño, red chili pepper, and red habanero powder.

TRUFF Hotter Sauce Reviews
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This gluten-free and vegan sauce has 10 calories per serving. It is best combined with noodles, hot wings, etc. Not only is it low in calories, but also it is good with its agave nectar sweetener.

This product is the definition of more heat and less sweet, perfect for anyone who can’t stop eating spicy food. Thus, when will you taste this spiciest collection?

TRUFF Black Truffle Oil Reviews

Black Truffle Oil is the best finishing oil you can ever purchase. It features the Black Winter Truffle and oil, resulting in functional olive oil. This oil will enhance the taste of your food effectively.

TRUFF Black Truffle Oil Reviews
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The company recommends pouring it on the fries, potatoes, pasta, pizza, and other dishes you want to develop the taste. In addition, it does not produce any heat, which is not spicy.

You can use this gluten-free and vegan seasoning at any time. So don’t forget to bring it anywhere to add more taste to your dishes.

TRUFF Mayo Reviews

Are any mayonnaise lovers reading this review? If so, don’t ever skip this flavor-focused Mayo TRUFF! You can use it on any dish, including burgers, sandwiches, etc.

TRUFF Mayo Reviews
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Further, it will be a great source in your cooking because of its ingredients. The product features cage-free eggs, black winter truffles, and sunflower oil.

Even better, it is 100% gluten-free, which is great for any diet routine. Are you interested in buying? Click the link below to start shopping!

TRUFF Black Truffle Marinara Reviews

Do you need a tasteful pasta sauce for your dish? Then, look no further than to buy this Black Truffle Marinara! It is a perfect sauce for all seasons, combining herbs, black winter truffles, red chili peppers, and ripe tomatoes.

TRUFF Black Truffle Marinara Reviews
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You can pour it into any pasta, including spaghetti, chicken perm, and meatballs. It is neither spicy nor sweet. Instead, the product will be a flavor-focused pasta sauce thanks to the agave nectar.

Further, it is gluten-free and vegan. Thus, on what kind of dish will you taste this red sauce first and approve of its deliciousness?

TRUFF Black Truffle Spicy Marinara Reviews

This company is so kind because it offers a spicy version of pasta sauce. Yet, do not worry about its heat rate because Black Truffle Spicy Marinara only promotes a mild kick.

TRUFF Black Truffle Spicy Marinara Reviews
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It will satisfy your buds because your ordinary meal can transform into a restaurant-rate delicacy. In addition, it is gluten-free and vegan!

The product’s combination of herbs, ripe tomatoes, red chili peppers, and black winter truffles won’t be the wrong choice. Instead, let’s pour the sauce on a lasagna, cheese, and shells now!

TRUFF Pricing

Do you want to make delicious steak with truffle oil but are afraid of the expensive cost? Worry not because the truffle of this company is sold at an affordable price. How much exactly does it sell? Here is the price list.

One-Time Purchase Subscribe and Save
Original Hot Sauce $17.98 $15.28
Hotter Sauce $17.98 $15.28
Black Truffle Oil $24.99 $21.24
Mayo $24.99 $21.24
Black Truffle Marinara $29.99 $25.49
Black Truffle Spicy Marinara $29.99 $25.49

Additionally, don’t forget to choose one of the following lists to get discounts on your cart:

  • Subscribe for discount codes and updates
  • Enjoy 10% off your first-time order
  • Refer a $10 off to others, get a $10 off in return
  • Acquire free US shipping for orders of $25+
  • etc.

TRUFF Pros and Cons

Spare a time for a moment to know more about this company. Then, here are the pros and cons you must know before buying the truffle sauce!


  • High-quality black truffle seasoning
  • Gluten-free and vegan features
  • Brings a restaurant-rate deliciousness
  • Offers many types of spices
  • Provides one-time purchase and subscription
  • Ships worldwide
  • Free US shipping for orders over $25
  • 30-day return policy


  • Must be refrigerated after opening
  • Mayo is not vegan
  • No free shipping for international orders

TRUFF Customer Reviews

You can’t stop reading in the middle of this TRUFF USA review. Why? Because this section will discuss testimonials, meaning you’ll see the customer satisfaction rate.

TRUFF Customer Reviews
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First, below are the ratings of the abovementioned truffle seasonings:

For instance, one of the testimonials said:

The absolute and the best hot sauce. Finally, we can try it and will never go out without it at home again! It is such a good flavor and heat, an it’s a must have!

This customer finds the sauce best due to its fantastic flavor and spicy rate. Further, she and her family can’t leave without bringing this product.

Another customer said:

Love this black truffle oil! It adds better flavor and depth to all dish. I’ve used it while reheating leftovers, and it bursts the flavor!

This customer is in love with the truffle oil from TRUFF. Not only can it add flavor to dishes, but also it is suitable for leftovers.

To conclude, TRUFF is trusted by customers due to its delicious and deep flavors. Thus, customers are satisfied and give high ratings as an appreciation.

Is TRUFF Worth It?

Is TRUFF truffle oil worth it

Purchasing a truffle oil and sauce at a reasonable price is one of the reasons why TRUFF is worth buying. The second reason is its delicious taste, gluten-free, and vegan!

Is TRUFF Worth It?
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You mustn’t visit a 5-star restaurant to taste the premium dish. Instead, get the sauce from the official website and make your home cooking a restaurant-rate one. Then, when will you get the offer?

Where to Buy TRUFF Near Me

Is TRUFF at Costco?

Duo Nick, the founders, ensure to serve all customers. Therefore, you can buy the seasonings on the official website, marketplace, and nearby retailers.

The website offers free US shipping when you buy over $25. Meanwhile, you can check its stock availability on Amazon, Walmart, and Costco for other options.

The retailers are also authorized, and you can get the product instead of only sightseeing the replica of the hot sauce Vegas Sphere. Then, let’s get the hot sauce Costco now!

TRUFF Contact

Do you face an issue and need assistance? Look no further than contacting customer service from the list below:

In addition, the team is available on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM PST through the Live Chat on the official website. You can leave a message there to get a faster response.


Dig deeper on TRUFF

Let’s not stop until your curiosity is answered. Here comes the most asked questions by the customers. Take a look closer!

Who is TRUFF owned by?

Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni are the founders and owners of this seasoning company.

Does TRUFF use real truffles?

Absolutely! The company sourced its main ingredient from an actual black truffle.

Why is TRUFF sauce so expensive?

Because its main ingredient is truffle, which is rare, uneasy to find, and expensive to purchase.


TRUFF manufactures every product in the USA, resulting in delicious truffle sauce at an affordable rate. You can check its stock online or offline through nearby markets such as Costco or Walmart.

Moreover, you can trust this review because many people have proven its quality. In the end, which of the products above attract your attention? Whatever it is, leave Reddit and place an order before the stock runs out!

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