Sea to Table Review

Sea to Table is a United States-based brand specializing in delivering wild-caught American seafood nationwide.

Sea to Table Review
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As the name implies, the brand will bring all the wild-caught seafood to your dining table for you and your family to enjoy together.

Anyway, the brand was founded by a man who has been in love with fish since childhood named Sean Dimin. Along with his father and brother, he started the brand with the mission to ensure that all Americans can eat better and healthier seafood.

Also, you might have heard of this brand somewhere. If you ever, that could be true because Sea to Table is indeed one of the leading brands in the seafood delivery industry in America.

As proof, you can see how they boast 34k followers on Instagram, 19k followers on Facebook. and 4.9k followers on Twitter. And if you want to stay in touch with the brand, you can follow all of its social media platforms.

With so many positive statements above, is this seafood delivery brand really that good? One section is definitely not enough to answer that question. Therefore, keep reading this Sea to Table review.

Why Sea to Table?

There are many reasons why Sea to Table is America’s leading brand in the seafood delivery industry.

Firstly, all the seafood is wild-caught and not farmed, ensuring the quality of the flavor and flesh inside is natural and fresh.

Secondly, the brand provides a huge selection of wild-caught fish, such as lobster, redfish, scallops, tuna, shrimp, salmon, and more. With this, you can enjoy a variety of seafood that you might not get at most fish markets.

In the previous section, we explained that this brand has a lot of followers on its social media. But it doesn’t stop there, as Sea to Table has been featured in various well-known media publicity such as Epicurious, Bon Appetit, Forbes, National Geographic, The New York Times, and PBS.

Better yet, the brand has also been certified by NOAA, B-Corporation, and 100% made in the USA, which shows that this brand deserves to be one of the leading ones in providing seafood for Americans.

Not only does it satisfy Americans with the quality of its seafood, but also with its service. Yep, this brand provides a 30-day return policy along with fast shipping within 1-3 business days. You can also enjoy free shipping if you spend more than $99.

What's On Sea to Table

First of all, we will reveal the options that the brand offers. By taking advantage of the services, you get two options for seafood delivery, a one-time purchase or a subscription.

What's On Sea to Table
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And as the name suggests, for the one-time purchase option, you will get seafood delivery with just a single purchase. As opposed to the subscription option, you will be constantly delivered seafood to your doorstep. In this subscription option, you can choose three delivery times which are every 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks.

So what is the menu that this brand offers? Well, Sea to Table offers 19 fish and wild-caught seafood menu options. You can choose one seafood menu or several fish menus in packs or boxes.

However, there are two menu options that are the most loved by all Americans. And those two menus are;

Sea to Table Review: Two Best Menu Options to Choose From

  • Sea to Table Fish Lover’s Box
  • Sea to Table Salmon Lover’s Box

Without further ado, let’s understand what these two menu options have to offer.

Sea to Table Fish Lover's Box Review

There’s no better way than enjoying a wide variety of the highest quality fish available in America. And if you’re thinking along the same lines as us, then you’ll never regret ordering the Fish Lover’s Box from Sea to Table.

Sea to Table Fish Lover's Box Review
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Containing a huge variety of fish from Alaska to the New England coast, this Fish Lover’s Box provides a great selection of fresh, high-quality fish for you to enjoy and stock up on in your freezer.

Fish Lover’s Box Contents

  • Alaska Sockeye Salmon: Four 6 oz. servings
  • Gulf of Maine Redfish: Two 6 oz. servings
  • Northwest Pacific Cod: Two 6 oz. servings
  • Atlantic Winter Skate: Two 6 oz. servings
  • West Coast Dover Sole: Two 6 oz. servings

Sea to Table Salmon Lover's Box Review

There’s a reason why grizzly bears love catching wild-caught salmon so much. Simple, it’s because wild-caught salmon contains a lot of Omega-3s that have many benefits for the whole body.

Sea to Table Salmon Lover's Box Review
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And to get your hands on high-quality wild-caught salmon, you don’t have to be friends with Grizzly bears. All you need to do is order the Salmon Lover’s Box from this Sea to Table. Filled with Alaska Sockeye and Wild King salmon, you can have healthy and top-quality salmon for dinner with your family.

Salmon Lover’s Box Contents

  • Alaska Sockeye Salmon: Twelve 6 oz. servings
  • Wild King Salmon: Two 5 oz. servings

How Sea to Table Works

If you’re already planning to order one of the brand’s menus, then you can start by doing the steps below.

  • Pick your favorite seafood menu
  • Opt for one-time purchase or subscription option
  • Fill in your personal details in the checkout menu
  • Wait for your seafood order to arrive at your doorstep

Sea to Table Pricing

Depending on the seafood package you choose, your spending budget will be slightly different. And this Sea To Table review found that the lowest price of this brand’s seafood menu is $17.09. On the other hand, the highest and most expensive price is $205.24.

Do you want to save a few dollars before ordering the seafood? No need to worry. We have collected some Sea to Table discounts and coupon codes below.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get $25 OFF + FREE shipping
  • Make your first purchase and get Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Northwest Pacific Halibut, and Wild Gulf Shrimp for only $125
  • Spend more than $99 and enjoy FREE shipping

Alternatively, you can also save a few dollars by ordering using the subscription option.

Sea to Table Gift Card

In addition to seafood menu options, the brand also offers gift cards that you can purchase through its official website.

Are you planning to send someone a gift of quality seafood but not sure what they would like? If so, Sea to Table Gift Card is the solution.

You have eight gift card options to choose from, namely $25, $50, $100, $150, $160, $175, $200, and $250. So, choose the most suitable one and let the gift recipient have their favorite seafood menu.

Is Sea to Table Worth It?

Needless to say, this brand is definitely worth it. By using the seafood delivery service from Sea to Table, you can enjoy a wide variety of high-quality seafood from all over America.

Moreover, the seafood available at this brand is all wild-caught fish that have better flavor, texture, and nutrition than other fish. Coupled with the fact that more than 3,900 customers have attested to the quality of the seafood, we would never be wrong in saying that this brand is worth it.

Is Sea to Table Legit?

It goes without saying that Sea to Table is a legitimate brand. They have been certified by NOAA, B-Corporation, and 100% made in the USA. Based on these three points of evidence, we can be sure that this brand is not a scam website.

With this, you can feel at peace and comfortable ordering the fish and other seafood menus available at this brand.

Sea to Table Pros & Cons

After knowing the history, overview, and seafood menus, now it’s time for you to know the pros and cons of this brand. And we’ve summarized them for your convenience. Check them out!

Sea to Table Pros

  • Offers 19 wild-caught fish menu options
  • All fish sold are wild-caught fish, not farmed fish
  • Provides two ordering options
  • Features in well-known media publicity
  • Certified by NOAA, B-Corporation, made in the USA
  • 30 days return policy
  • Favored by many Americans

Sea to Table Cons

  • Does not accept international shipping

Sea to Table Customer Testimonials

As mentioned earlier, Sea to Table is a leading American brand that delivers a wide variety of wild-caught fish to everyone in America. Therefore, they have also received various ratings and reviews from many customers.

For the rating, the brand has 4.7/5 out of 3,900+ reviews on Trustpilot, a high rating for a seafood delivery brand.

Then what about the testimonials from each of its customers? Well, read them for yourself!

We are all so impressed with the quality of the seafood we get from Sea to Table! … we are truly amazed by the flavor, texture, and a whole lot of goodness coming from all of it …

This first testimonial comes from someone who is amazed and satisfied with the quality that the brand provides for her. He details that the flavor, texture, and all-around goodness that comes from all of it are of the highest quality, which makes him happy.

There was also a customer who expressed how much he enjoyed the brand’s menus. With a wide selection of seafood, menus allow him to try various seafood menus that are not available in the place near his house. Here’s his testimonial,

… Have thoroughly enjoyed being able to taste different kinds of seafood that are not available near me …

Based on the two testimonials above, it can be concluded that this brand has succeeded in satisfying thousands of customers for the quality of its seafood. Many customers also like the wide selection of seafood menus available, allowing them to try various seafood with different flavors and textures.

Are you interested in ordering seafood menus from Sea to Table? Well, without further ado, head on over to the official website.

How To Contact Sea to Table

After all the information you got from this Sea to Table review. Are there any questions you would like to ask the brand about shipping, returns, or anything else? If so, you can get in touch with the contacts that we have provided below.

Alternatively, you can also ask about your problem through the form that the brand provides. There, you will need to fill in your name, email, phone number, and the question you want to ask.

Where To Buy Sea to Table

As a brand engaged in the seafood delivery service industry, you can only order their seafood menus straight through the official website.


We have summarized some of the questions that internet users often ask about the brand. You can find out more about these questions below.

Who is the founder of Sea to Table?

The founder of this seafood delivery brand is Sean Dimin, a man who love fish since childhood.

Is Sea to Table wild caught?

Yes, obviously, this brand offers wild-caught fish and seafood.


To wrap up this article, Sea to Table is truly the go-to brand for those who want to taste and enjoy better, healthier, and tastier seafood. With this brand, you get a wide variety of seafood menu options with high quality because they are wild-caught.

Coupled with the fact that they are certified by NOAA, B-Corporation, and 100% made in the USA, you can truly shop for fish safely and conveniently.


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