Wiltshire Farm Foods Review

Wiltshire Farm is a UK-based company that provides and delivers delicious frozen meals for the whole family. The company has been operating for over 30 years and has delivered over 330 meals to brighten your day.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Review
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That’s why the brand has so many fans. We found the brand has 2k+ followers on Twitter and 19k+ likes on Facebook. Are you also interested in subscribing? Keep reading this Wiltshire Farm Foods review as we take you through what the brand has in store for you!

Why Wiltshire Farm Foods?

Microwave food isn’t always bad. It can be a flavorful meal if prepared with the right condiments. They’re quick and easy to prepare, perfect for any situation, whether you’re tired or don’t like cooking.

And to change your perception of microwave meals, here are some key points on why this brand differs. And, of course, the 330 people who have bought from this brand show how good it is for you to trust.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Highlights

  • Great tasting, the brand’s chefs are constantly innovating to create delicious new recipes for the whole family.
  • Over 30 years of experience and thousands of positive customer ratings, receiving numerous Queen’s awards for the company
  • Ordering is very easy. You can place your order through the phone service or contact line on the brand’s official website.
  • Friendly service, the staff is ready to help you get the best menu for your family.
  • Ethical every day. The brand is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and always uses sustainable ingredients.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Besides the delicious taste, customer satisfaction is the brand’s vision. Buying food from this brand will always make you smile because it tastes delicious.

What's On Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm provides a wide selection of frozen-ready meals that make dinner easier for you and your family. Likewise, the brand offers many options for delivering food to your home, from supermarkets to takeaways.

What's On Wiltshire Farm Foods
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wiltshirefarmfoods.com https://wiltshirefarmfoods.com

Wiltshire Farm Meals

This Wiltshire Farm review goes further into the pricing, shipping, packs, delivery, and more. So, if you want to order food from this brand, don’t miss a single part of this review!

Wiltshire Farm Foods Menu and Prices

Wiltshire Farm boasts an extensive food menu. They provide diet codes and a list of allergen icons certified by a dietician.

Appetite is also taken into consideration, and thus, they offer 3 choices of meal sizes – hearty meals for bigger portions, main meals as traditional sizes, and mini sizes for smaller bites.

People with swallowing difficulties can rest assured. Wiltshire Farm Foods prioritize texture for different needs, and their softer foods have garnered several awards throughout the years. It comes in 3 options, too– puree, minced, or soft, bite-sized.

This ensures safety, convenience, and nutrition for customers who require extra attention towards their food. The new spring menu has just arrived too!

Check out the new tender pork in somerset sauce, lamb in honey and mint sauce, the chicken lasagna, and Bramley apple pie.

A free brochure can be ordered and delivered online for their complete food menu comprising over 330 dishes.

You would think that with the amount of care and attention, they put into their cuisine, Wiltshire Farm Foods would cause a dent in your wallet. But that is not the case. Ranging from 4.99 to 5.75 pounds, food prices for their main dishes in Wiltshire Farm Foods are surprisingly affordable.

All their luxurious desserts are priced the same at 2.79 pounds. Payment can be made online by credit or debit card. Cash or cheques are accepted when presented with a delivery receipt.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Storing and Cooking of Meals

Wiltshire Farm Foods prioritize convenience for their customers. It’s easy to store Wiltshire Farm Foods’ products. All the meals are delivered frozen and can be immediately stored in the freezer or freezer compartments.

If need be, Wiltshire Farm Foods’ drivers can also store the meals in your freezer for you. So even if your schedule is packed, you can rest assured that their meals are stored properly and are ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

No defrosting is required during cooking. Instead, meals can be directly put into the oven or microwaved conveniently without prior preparation. A no-fuss meal indeed.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Delivery

Wiltshire Food Farms offer delivery services for online orders. Specific addresses should be written at the end of the ordering page, accompanied by an agreed date for delivery.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Delivery
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wiltshirefarmfoods.com https://wiltshirefarmfoods.com

Upon completion, delivery will be sent on the agreed date for the said order. If there is no specified date written for the order, delivery of the meals will be completed within a period of 30 days after the date of the order.

However, some areas are not covered by Wiltshire Farm Foods’ delivery service. As such, please check your area code and the list of area codes they cover before completing your order.

Additionally, if there is no one at the time of the delivery, Wiltshire Farm Foods will call the customer to rearrange another delivery scheduled at their convenience.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Trial Pack

No trial pack is provided as of yet. Wiltshire Farm Foods offers affordable meal plans. It is advised to manually select the dishes and complete your order with the choices made.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Minimum Order

Specific postal areas require a minimum order for the local outlets of Wiltshire Farm Foods. Again, please check the terms and conditions stated for each area code before completing your order.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Pros and Cons

After knowing the brand as a whole, you must know the pros & cons of the brand to consider your purchase wisely. And here’s the list:

Wiltshire Farm Foods Pros

  • Over 300 delicious dishes
  • 30 years experience
  • Friendly service
  • Ethical every day
  • Effortless ordering
  • Free friendly delivery
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Wiltshire Farm Foods Cons

  • No free shipping

Is Wiltshire Farm Foods Worth It?

Yes, Wiltshire Farm is obviously worth it. Aside from the wide selection of meals they provide, the ease of ordering is one of the most important aspects that make this brand stand out. No need to think long before ordering frozen meals from this brand. Everything is easy and straight to your table!

Is Wiltshire Farm Foods Worth It?
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wiltshirefarmfoods.com https://wiltshirefarmfoods.com

Wiltshire Farm Foods Cancellation and Modifications To Order

Wiltshire Farm Foods has a flexible policy. Confirmed orders can be cancelled at any time before delivery (usually one day before expected delivery at 4 pm), completed with full refunds when requested. This cannot be applied to orders after delivery.

However, defective orders can be claimed and disputed. Wiltshire Farm Foods should be contacted for inspection, providing evidence of a defect as well.

If further inspection confirms the defect, Wiltshire Farm Foods will issue a refund via email after a short period of time.

This includes delivery fees applied to the order. If refunds are not issued via email within a week of the order, please be assured that the refund will be processed within 30 days of the order.

If by chance, an incorrect order was sent to the address, also contact Wiltshire Farm Foods. They will resend another delivery with the correct order at your convenience.

The incorrect order will not be charged to your account, and this also includes the delivery fee charged to the incorrect order.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Terms and Conditions

Wiltshire Farm Foods reserve the right to refuse a transaction for an order or suspend any suspicious orders made from an account. Each customer can only register one account, and this is to protect their personal data and prevent an information breach.

All customer privacy will be respected, and they will not leak it in any way for marketing purposes. However, they cannot be held liable for any losses of data if the customer has access to an unauthorized third party.

Wilshire Farm Foods have the right to remove or change any products or meal plans they previously put up on their website. Changing the menu in any way in any circumstances will be notified via a newsletter list.

Where To Buy Wiltshire Farm Foods

Just visit the brand’s official website at wiltshirefarmfoods.com and choose your favourite type. You can always contact the brand’s customer service if you have any further questions regarding the products. By shopping through the official website, you will find many offers and discount codes to save money.


The following are some frequently asked questions about Wiltshire Farm Foods that might help answer your curiosity.

Are Wiltshire Farm Foods nutritious?

The brand states that the meals contain fewer than 350 calories and saturated fat, low in fat, salt, and sugar.

Where are Wiltshire Farm Foods made?

90% of the meals are made in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Who makes Wiltshire Farm Foods?

It states that it is operated by Apetito, a European frozen food company founded by Karl Düsterberg.

Is there a delivery charge for Wiltshire Farm Foods?

The good news is that there’s no delivery charge, and you can choose what day you want your meal to be delivered.


Wiltshire Farm Foods provide high quality meals at affordable prices. Their focus on customers’ various needs, including dietary limitations such as difficulty in chewing or swallowing does not compromise the quality of flavors of their dishes that are carefully curated by their experienced chefs. They also provide a reasonably flexible delivery service, with full refund policies for cancellation or modifications to a confirmed order.

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