Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Reviews

Who owns Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC?

Are you a coffee lover looking for NYC’s best fresh roasted coffee beans online? Turning your head into this Pennsylvania-based company will be the best answer. Sipping coffee from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC brings a different kind of satisfaction.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Reviews
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Why so? Because the company has received a lot of attention since its establishment in 2009. Andrew Oakes and his team are committed to providing high-quality products to all customers. Moreover, it made the top 5000 the fast-growing company by Inc.

The company offers coffee with a light to dark-roasted features, and you may also find tea and botanicals. Since Andrew sets the quality high, he also opens jobs opportunities for people interested in the beverage industry.

This company may not feature in the press, but it has many loyal customers, especially in its official store on Amazon. Furthermore, its social media has more than 20K followers on Facebook and Instagram.

If this company bewitched your buds wanting to taste more sips of coffee, stay still until the end of this Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC review. So let’s take a snack, sit comfortably, and start reading the following section!

Why Shop at Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC?

Instant coffee is easy, accessible, and reliable at any time. However, you will feel another sensation while grinding your bean, brewing it, and sipping it anytime you need more energizing drinks. You will get this feature when you trust this company.

Why Shop at Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC?
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To ensure your feeling about buying beans from this company, this review complies with some highlights. Take a look closer.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Highlights

  • Est in 2009 and based in Sunbury, PA
  • Processed decaf and half-caf with Swiss Water and Royal Water
  • Maintain perfect taste while manufacturing it without chemicals
  • Receives certifications from USDA Organics and OU Kosher
  • Prioritizes growers and farmers with Fair Trade Certified and Direct Trade
  • Features Rainforest Alliance certification, meaning the harvest is conducted environmentally
  • Offers coffee, tea, botanicals, and gears to make your beverage more delicate
  • Provides Auto Deliver for subscription within 2-8 weeks with a 15% discounted price

What's On Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

When you read this section, you must know that the company’s priority is coffee. Whether it is light, medium, medium-dark roast, or dark roast itself, its coffee is beyond compare. But will you find another category when you visit the official website?

What's On Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC
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The answer is absolutely yes! Here are the 6 categories:

Coffee Tea
Botanicals Syrups and Mixes
Merch Gear

Still, you can’t spend too much to read this post. Thus, this Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC review will focus only on the following.

Let’s jump into the next section and start the product review!

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Bali Blue Moon Reviews

Say hi to the best-selling Organic Bali Blue Moon, a Kintamani-based medium-roasted coffee, to increase your motivation. It is an earthy coffee with rich syrupy dark chocolate and a spiced finish.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Bali Blue Moon Reviews
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In addition, these Indonesian-origin beans are subtle with certification from Rainforest Alliance. When you sip the coffee, you’ll taste chocolate-covered citrus fruit, nuts, and vanilla flavor.

It is incredibly worth tasting because the farmers only use 100% organic fertilizers. As a result, you can have a remarkable option while supporting the locals to have a better socioeconomic condition.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Black Knight Reviews

Sipping this bold-bodied coffee will remind you of Black Knight, an ancient legend from Arthurian. As the name implies, this Organic Black Knight features special notes of tropical plantains with an intense caramelized sugar finish.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Black Knight Reviews
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It is dark-roasted with a full body, an artisan blend that would never disappoint. When you make it, you’ll see its thicker and heavier mouthfeel. Also, the stone fruit and chocolate notes are a dangerous combination.

You won’t regret sipping it, thanks to the dark mayhem of the mythical dark of Black Knight. Thus, every sip is outrageous, energizing you and staying focused all day.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roaster Reviews

Making a beverage is not easy, but thanks to Fresh Roast SR800, it is a dream come true for all home roasters. This product features a heavy-duty, high-capacity fan and heater, which allows you to adjust the process.

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roaster Reviews
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Moreover, it has a control board that only needs a turning knob to see the temperature. The 9 levels are adjustable from low, medium, and high.

With 4 to 10 minutes for roasting time, you can roast about 8 oz simultaneously. So, are you ready to use this 120 volts of electronic device whenever you’re craving a coffee?

Is Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Good?

When searching for coffee products, most of you may be attracted by the packaging photos. This company endeavors to provide high-quality coffee with sustainable packaging and impeccable tastes. 

So if you are asking if the company is good, the answer is indeed it is. You can leave Reddit to seek any worthiness to search for it. Instead, visit the official website, subscribe to newsletters, and get 20% off your first-time order now!

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Pricing

This company considers many factors to satisfy customers. It offers coffee in 6 different sizes. However, this pricing section will focus only on the best-selling 12 oz.

Here is the price classification of the abovementioned products.

Regular Price Auto-Deliver (+15%)
Organic Bali Blue Moon $15.95 $13.56
Organic Black Knight $14.95 $12.71
Fresh Roast SR800 $289.00

Don’t forget to use the available coupons and promotions. Thus, you may purchase your desired taste of coffee at a more affordable price!

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Pros and Cons

When you want to know more about a coffee brand, looking for its pros and cons is necessary. Without further ado, here is a comparison between the two.


  • USDA Organics and OU Kosher-certified coffee
  • Promotes delicious taste
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Ships to the US territories
  • Free shipping on orders totaling $50+
  • 30-day return policy
  • Offers many discount codes and promotions
  • Receive many good feedbacks from customers


  • No shipping outside the US territories

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Customer Reviews

This section will discuss customers’ ratings and testimonials. It leads to customer opinions after purchasing products from the company. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Customer Reviews
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First things first, here are the ratings of the abovementioned coffee and gear:

  • Organic Bali Blue Moon gets a 4.7/5 out of 723 testimonials
  • Organic Black Knight receives a 4.8/5 out of 682 testimonials
  • Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roaster obtains a 4.8/5 out of 6 testimonials

Below is an utterance from a satisfied customer:

I order this Bali coffee for a friend. It is a staple one. Low acid, amazing flavor, it is an all-around winner! You won’t be disappointed!

This customer is happy because he can buy his friend an excellent coffee. Not only is it stape, but it also has low acid and delicious flavor.

Another customer said:

These coffee beans are my favorites. The coffee greets you every morning with lovely aroma and it never disappoints. It is also delicious with/without milk or cream.

This customer finds Organic Black Knight her favorite. It has an awesome aroma and delicious taste. She can add milk or cream to add more flavor. But without them, the coffee only is also fantastic.

In short, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC is the best coffee destination for all coffee lovers. You can find roasted coffee with organic ingredients. Furthermore, customers are too stunned to speak due to the tasty flavor, meaning they are satisfied with the purchase.

Is Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Worth It?

The answer is yes; this company is worth checking out, period! It is a coffee company that considers every factor, from ingredients and manufacturing processes to packaging.

Is Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Worth It?
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Andrew and his teams ensure the best product with high-quality ingredients. In addition, the supple taste never goes wrong with USDA Organics and OU Kosher certification.

So whenever you need to taste a coffee that can wake you up, and motivate you, look no further than buying one from this company. Now, let’s place an order!

Where to Buy Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

Are you ready to sip the delicious taste of this company’s coffee? Well, visiting the official website is the perfect answer. If you’re searching for its near-me reseller, the company does not provide it.

But don’t worry because buying it from a marketplace like Amazon is a great choice. Thus, you may place an order, wait until it arrives at your door, and start drinking it!

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Customer Service

Do you need to contact the team, whether it is about the beans delivered, jobs, or complaints? If so, feel free to contact the team through:

You may also ask your questions through the Live Chat. The virtual assistant will help with your issues. Furthermore, please don’t hesitate to visit this address to meet the team.

Store Address
1136 Walnut St Extension
Sunbury, PA 17801


Coffee is a routine where you can motivate yourself during lazy hours. Its fantastic aroma and flavor are the best runaway whenever you feel too busy with your activities. You will love a relaxing time by sipping the one from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC.

You can visit this destination for organic, roasted, and delicious tastes. Furthermore, you can get a complimentary shipping fee of over $50. Are you interested in sipping the product? Let’s place an order before the stock runs out!

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