Monument Grills Review

As the name suggests, Monument Grills is a brand engaged in manufacturing and developing grilling machines. And their grilling products are not only limited to gas grills but also pellet and charcoal grills.

Monument Grills Review
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They are also been one of the leading United States brands since its establishment in 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

So who is the founder? The brand was founded by a team of professionals who have been experienced in grill design and manufacturing for almost 20 years.

Since its establishment in 2016, Monument Grills has been on a mission to bring people to enhance the art of grilling. Based on this mission, the brand has successfully designed and manufactured various high-performance grills with high value.

Is the brand famous? Absolutely. Look at how they boast over 60k followers on Facebook and 3.7k followers on Instagram. Do follow them on social media, as they will give you irresistible discounts, exclusive promos, and much more.

Not only that, but they also have a YouTube channel that currently has 900+ subscribers. You can subscribe to their channel to get various overviews, assemble tips, and many others.

Eager to know more about this brand with just our five paragraphs? That’s definitely not enough. So, keep reading this Monument Grills review to find information about best-selling products, customer testimonials, coupon codes, and dozens more. So stay tuned!

Why Monument Grills?

With Monument Grills, you will get a wide selection of high-quality grills with advanced features, giving you the convenience to grill any food to be more flavorful.

And as mentioned in the previous section, this brand was founded by professionals in the manufacture of grills. Therefore, the grill machines sold by this brand always come with the best quality for people’s satisfaction.

That satisfaction is also proven by how the name Monument Grills has been featured in various well-known publicity such as Forbes, Consumer Reports, TopTen Reviews, BBQ Report, and This Old House.

On top of that, the brand also earned the title of “America’s Best Home and Garden Brands 2022“.

In addition, this brand serves shipping in the United States and Canada while giving free shipping for every purchase over $54.99.

Moreover, Monument Grills also offers 30 days return policy, a 1-year warranty on Grills, and an 8-year warranty on Burners.

What's On Monument Grills

When you do your shopping at this brand, you can find different types of grills with different fuels, such as gas, pellet, and charcoal. With this, you get many options to have a grill that suits your preferences.

What's On Monument Grills
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Not only that, but you can also get some Monument Grills accessories and parts to make it easier for you to find replacement parts for your grill.

And through this Monument Grills review, we found that there are two grills that are most popular by many people, which are both gas grills.

Monument Grills Review: The Two Most Popular Gas Grills

  • Monument Grills 77352 Stainless 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill
  • Monument Grills 35633 Stainless 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

So what do these two gas grills have to offer? Find out in the next section. Let’s get started!

Monument Grills 77352 Review

Stainless 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill

The Monument Grills 77352 Stainless 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill is the best of the best. Equipped with a spacious main cooking space of 634 square inches and a secondary cooking space of 266 square inches, you have plenty of room to cook 8 whole chickens, 30 burgers, 25 chick thighs, and 7 pork butts.

Monument Grills 77352 Review
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Besides, this 77352 gas grill also features six 304 stainless steel main burners and one side burner that can provide powerful heat and excellent grilling performance up to 90,00 BTUs.

More than that, this gas grill also boasts stainless steel cooking grates and stainless flame tamers that will ensure your dishes are cooked evenly and provide a delicious and amazing taste.

Not only that, you can easily monitor your cooking because this Monument Grills 6-burner gas grill is equipped with an easy-to-read thermometer and LED lights.

Cooking Space
10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10
10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10

Monument Grills 35633 Review

Stainless 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Interested in getting a gas grill with almost the same features as the 77352 gas grill, but at a lower price? If so, this Monument Grills 35633 Stainless 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill is the best choice.

Monument Grills 35633 Review
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Coming in at $300 cheaper than the 77352 gas grill, you can already grill 6 whole chickens, 20 burgers, 20 chick thighs, and 6 pork butts. That’s because this 35633 gas grill comes with a main cooking space of 513 square inches and a secondary cooking space of 210 square inches.

Besides, this gas grill features four main 304 stainless steel burners, one side burner, and one side sear burner that can provide 72,000 BTUs for powerful heat and excellent cooking performance.

More than that, this Monument Grills 4-burner gas grill is equipped with porcelain-coated cast iron that will ensure your dishes are cooked evenly. Not to forget, it also comes with stainless flame tamers that are designed to provide even heat and delicious flavor.

Cooking Space
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
10.0 10/10

Monument Grills Pricing

Both best-selling gas grills from this brand have a price;

But apart from these two best-selling products, the brand also has a different price range for each type of grill. For the gas grill category, the price range is $169.99 to $799.99.

As for the pellet grill category, you may need to spend around $349.99 to $599.99. On the other hand, if you are planning to get a charcoal grill, then prepare a budget of $189.99.

As we mentioned earlier that this brand also sells some accessories and parts. And for the price range, they are priced from $19.99 to $99.99.

For someone who always considers the budget before buying something, the existence of Monument Grills coupon code will definitely be profitable. Therefore, here we have compiled some coupon codes and discounts that we found for you to use. Check them out!

  • Make any purchase and get 15% OFF in your cart
  • Get FREE 98457 Stainless Steel Smokerbox with any purchase over $299
  • Spend $799 and get a FREE 56000 2 Burner Table Top Gas Griddle
  • Make a purchase over $54.99 and enjoy FREE shipping
  • You can also unlock bonuses by subscribing to the newsletter

Happy shopping!

Monument Grills Pros & Cons

Although it has been running for more than 5 years, it doesn’t mean that Monument Grills has no flaws. And in this section, we have summarized the pros and cons of this brand for your convenience to determine whether this brand is worth your money or not.

Monument Grills Pros

  • Provides a wide range of high-quality grills with advanced features
  • Each grill machine is designed by professionals and experts
  • Comes with a variety of grill options, ranging from gas, pellet, and charcoal
  • Featured in several well-known media publicity
  • Honored as America’s Best Home and Garden Brands 2022
  • 30 days return policy
  • 1-year warranty on Grills and 8-year warranty on Burners

Monument Grills Cons

  • Does not support international shipping

Monument Grills Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

With the price of each grill in the hundreds of dollars, having an understanding of the customer reviews can definitely encourage you to spend a big budget for a grilling machine from Monument Grills.

Monument Grills Customer Reviews
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And this Monument Grills review has summarized the reviews given by customers for this brand. But before that, let’s take a look at the ratings of their two best-selling products.

  • Monument Grills 77352 Stainless 6-Burner Propane Gas Grill: Rated 4.83 out of 5 from 86 reviews
  • Monument Grills 35633 Stainless 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill: Rated 4.91 out of 5 from 95 reviews

The first review comes from a customer who revealed the advantages offered by the 77352 gas grill.

Well-designed, easy to assemble, robust, and deliver great performance. The best gas grill ever for the money.

In his testimonial above, he explains that the 77352 gas grill has an outstanding design, sturdy, coupled with the ease of assembly to provide excellent performance. This customer also revealed that this gas grill is worth the money.

There is also a testimonial expressed by a customer who has been using the 35633 gas grill for almost two years.

There is plenty of room on the grill itself. Yet, it cooks at a brilliant temperature even after its second year.

In his testimonial, he stated that this gas grill has plenty of room to grill various foods. This customer also explained how this grill could cook perfectly at the right temperature even after two years of use.

Based on these two testimonials for two of its best-selling products, we can conclude that the quality that the brand puts into each of its grill machines is no mere fantasy. All of its products are the same, whether it’s a pellet or charcoal grill, they both manage to deliver amazing grill performance for everyone.

Is Monument Grills Worth It?

Without a doubt, we would say that Monument Grills is worth it. By purchasing grills from this brand, you will get the best quality that you don’t find in grills from other brands.

Moreover, the brand has been recognized by various well-known media publicity and has also been awarded “America’s Best Home and Garden Brands 2022“. Not only media publicity, but many customers have also expressed their satisfaction with the quality provided by this brand in each grill machine.

Referring to the points above, we also agree to say that this brand is worth your consideration.

How To Contact Monument Grills

Do you have some questions about the brand, from shipping, returns, refunds, warranty, or anything else? No need to worry. The brand also has lifetime customer support that will help whenever and wherever you need them.

And this Monument Grills review has compiled some of the contacts that you can reach out to.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-800-530-9133
  • WhatsApp: +86-150-8350-7880
  • Mail: 5345 Fulton Industrial Blvd, Suite A, Atlanta, GA, 30336, United States

Alternatively, you can also contact their customer service through the form. There, you just need to fill in your name, phone number, email, and the message or question you want to convey.

Where To Buy Monument Grills?

As a leading brand providing a variety of high-quality grills, you can not only get their grill machines through their official website. However, you can also bring home their products from well-known retail stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, Lowes and eBay.


We have come to the end of this Monument Grills review. Well, this brand has really succeeded in fulfilling its mission to encourage people to improve the art of grilling through its grills. All of their products, be it gas, pellet, or charcoal grills, come with exceptional quality to deliver even cooking results.

So, if you are in search of high-quality grills that are equipped with cutting-edge features, then Monument Grills is the first place you can turn to.

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