Grassland Beef Reviews

Grassland Beef or also known as US Wellness Meats, is a company that specializes in providing Paleo & Primal. They provide the most popular Paleo diet items; bacon, sausage, sugar-free ham, bones, broth, gelatin, pemmican, and offal.

Grassland Beef Reviews
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John Wood founded the brand in 2000 in Missouri, United States. For over 16 years, the brand has been the #1 Paleo, Primal, and Real Food resource in the United States, with over 300 grass-fed, pastured, wild-caught, and freely available products.

To understand the brand’s social media presence, we visited their accounts and found that they have 35k followers on Instagram, 16k+ followers on Twitter, and 68k likes on Facebook.

If you’re looking for a healthy Paleo menu that might suit your purpose, keep reading this Grassland Beef review as we take a deeper dive into the brand and its products!

Why Grassland Beef?

This service offers a variety of meats, including beef, lamb, chicken meat, and seafood. The entire breeding treatment always uses organic principles. This brand does not apply antibiotics or hormones to livestock at all. This allows consumers to obtain the benefits of livestock meat more optimally. Below are detailed reviews and various products.

What's On Grassland Beef

You know the definition of grass-fed beef. We will tell you about the product of US Wellness Meats. You can see the list of the products below.

Liver US Wellness Meats

We will also discuss several products from this one brand. The product is US Wellness Meats’ liver. The product is sold at 1 pound per pack. A pack of liver costs $12.45 USD.

If we buy in larger quantities, the buyer will get a discounted price per lb. If you buy a liver with a quantity of 6 or more, the purchase price will be $11.20. Meanwhile, the cost of quantity 12 and up is $10.57.

We will also discuss the nutrition of beef liver. The nutritional content per 100 grams can be 133 calories, 20.35 grams of protein, 274 mg of cholesterol, 4.78 mg of iron, 1.1 mg of vitamin C, and 16,814 mg of vitamin A. The data is taken from the United States Department of Agriculture’s FoodData Central Database.

Beef Tallow from US Wellness Meats

Buyers can also order other products from US Wellness Meats in the form of Beef Tallow. A small pail of beef tallow retails for $16.95. This price applies to beef tallow weighing 1.7 lbs. If you buy a larger quantity, you only need to multiply the price based on the multiple of the weight.

We will explain the nutritional content of beef tallow. Beef tallow contains vitamin D and vitamin A. The content of vitamin D is good for maintaining bone health. Meanwhile, vitamin A maintains healthy skin and vision. It’s just that buyers also have to know that the saturated content is quite large.

US Wellness Meats Review

If you want to know more about US Wellness Meats, it’s easy. How is it not easy to find reviews from consumers? There are many websites that give positive feedback about their products.

US Wellness Meats Review
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One such website is Carnivore Style. Consumers can actually get organic, fresh meat online. Yes, you don’t really need to leave the house to be able to buy and cook meat products.

All product deliveries are free of charge for shipping. It’s no wonder that this brand is able to attract the attention of buyers after years of selling meat. Even the whole meat gets special treatment for sugar-free meats. This is very good for long-term consumer health.

US Wellness Grass-Fed Beef Review

One of the favourite products from this brand is grass-fed beef. Of course, grass-fed beef is totally different from grass-finished beef. You can tell that there are a lot of health benefits to eating grass-fed beef. The benefits of grass-fed beef:

US Wellness Grass-Fed Beef Review
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Source of several nutrients
Grass-fed beef has lots of good nutrition for beef. The condition of good beef will have an impact on people who consume it. Inside the meat are various substances that are useful for building body cells.

Lower Levels of Saturated Fat
Beef is known for having a high saturated fat content. However, cows that receive special treatment for grass-fed beef have a tendency to contain lower levels of saturated fat.

Many Diseases Can Be Prevented
According to Webmd, grass-fed beef contains more Omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. This meat contains rich antioxidants that can prevent Alzheimer’s disease too.

US Wellness Meats vs. Butcher Box

You already know some of our favorite products from US Wellness Meats. Now, you should know about the difference between US Wellness Meats and Butcher Box. Butcher Box sells limited cuts of meat monthly.

US Wellness Meats offers a wide variety of meats to customers. You can also get organic meats via US Wellness Meats. It allows non-subscription services to buy their product. It’s actually different from Butcher Box, which is a consumer subscription service.

Another difference between US Wellness and Butcher Boc is in terms of providing seafood products. Butcher Box does not have any seafood products. Meanwhile, consumers can buy seafood products through US Wellness Meats.

Grassland Beef Pricing

Grassland provides more than 30 lists of Paleo & Real Food products that you can choose according to your needs. You can prepare from $7.99 to $200.00 to shop with this brand. In addition, the brand also provides bundle and subscription packages to help you shop more economically.

Remember to register your email on the brand’s mailing list to get various offers, sale information, and discount codes that you can use directly on your purchases. Also, visit the brand’s official website regularly to enjoy sales at certain times.

Grassland Beef Pros and Cons

You are aware of the information regarding US Wellness Meats shipping. You can now learn about the benefits and drawbacks of a large number of customers. The first good side of this brand is the wide variety of products.

Grassland Beef Pros

The next advantage of US Wellness Meats is that they are specially formulated for diet. The meat is also delivered by FedEx priority, so it can reach consumers overnight. In addition, this meat brand often offers discounts during certain periods.

Grassland Beef Cons

If you know the pros of the brand, then you also need to understand the cons. One of the weaknesses of this brand is the price, which is more expensive compared to beef in general.

The higher price is due to the special treatment of the cows, including the provision of feed.
Right now, you understand the pros and cons of this US wellness meat. We will mention again that US wellness meats are better for health than ordinary meat.

Is Grassland Beef Worth It?

Grassland Beef is definitely worth it if you are looking for a genuinely healthy Paleo food source. The brand doesn’t use antibiotics or growth hormones in raising its animals. Instead, all are grass-fed and grazed as nature intended.

In addition, the wide range of products makes choosing a menu according to your diet or needs easy. On top of that, Grassland meat is tender, tasty, and doesn’t have all the excess fat.

Grassland Beef Customer Reviews

According to the company’s website, the brand highlights that they are rated 4.8/5 stars on Trustpilot. In addition, we include some customer feedback to help you consider wisely before buying. Let’s see what people say about this brand below!

Grassland Beef Customer Reviews
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One customer rated this brand 5/5 stars due to the speed of delivery and the quality of fresh and frozen meat. This customer said:

…The meat is extremely fresh and arrives in a few days. Everything was in perfect condition, and they were still frozen…

Another satisfactory purchase from a customer said:

Everything that I’ve purchased is always the best quality. The customer service is always friendly, and the product arrives in excellent condition.

In addition to the quality beef, the chicken from this brand also features high quality, as this happy customer said:

The beef and chicken quality that I buy is always superior. I trust US Wellness Meats, and I have enjoyed many delicious meals made with the meat I have purchased…

From the overall customer feedback, they mostly praised the exceptional quality of Grassland’s meat and the speed of delivery, which makes customers even happier. Furthermore, we hardly found any unfavorable reviews of this brand, which makes it a highly recommended purchase.

Grassland Beef Customer Service

Grassland would love to hear from you! Therefore, if you have any questions or feedback regarding products and services, here is an easy way to reach them:

Grassland Beef Shipping

Consumers who buy the product at US Wellness Meats for over $75 can obtain free shipping. The whole of the meat will be kept at a very high temperature to keep it frozen. The existence of sophisticated cooling technology in maritime shipping now makes this possible.

This technology allows meat to last for 15 days during the shipping process. After consumers get the meat, they are expected to cook it immediately if they don’t have a chiller that can store temperatures down to -60 degrees Celsius.

Where To Buy Grassland Beef

You can directly visit the brand’s official website at to buy their products. Remember to register your email for the brand’s newsletter to enjoy discount codes/coupon codes on your purchases. Also, the brand offers free shipping on minimum orders of 7 lbs or +$75.


If you are still looking for organic and sustainable food, you can visit Grassland Beef or also known as US Wellness Meats. The company claims they only sell healthy, clean, and 100% organic meat.

In addition, the selection of products offered is vast. You can choose between Beef, Lamb, Bison, Pork, Seafood, and Poultry. Furthermore, the prices are very reasonable, so it’s no wonder this brand is so well-rated.

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