Kiki Milk Reviews

Lauren and Alex Abelin are parents who are stuck because they can’t find convenient milk for their children. They are inspired by their hometown, Kauai, a place full of coconut. Then, they decided to build Kiki Milk later in 2020.

Kiki Milk Reviews
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Lauren has used many coconuts to create beverages and foods. This ethically sourced ingredient allows the couple to develop plant-based milk with a creamy and mild taste. These products are carbon-neutral and have a big impact on the earth.

Furthermore, you’ll love drinking it because it is safe for lactose-intolerant people. You don’t have to trigger your condition but enjoy the milk thoroughly. Even better, they are available in several variants.

Your curiosity will not linger anymore if you check the brand in the press. For instance, it is reviewed on Forbes, Bloomberg, One Green Planet, Veg Out, Veg News, etc. Also, it has gained over 15K followers on Instagram!

This Kiki Milk review will accompany you in thoroughly digging into the company. So, do you have an eye on this vegan product? Start reading and find brilliant insights below!

Why Shop at Kiki Milk?

This Hawaii-based company collaborates with nutritionists and pediatricians to ensure the quality. In addition, it provides milk that babies over one-year-old may start drinking to absorb the nutrition.

Why Shop at Kiki Milk?
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On top of that, the company has another plus point to know. Here is the detail:

Kiki Milk Highlights

  • It is specifically made milk for children, but it suits everyone
  • High-quality products and safe
  • Plant-based milk made of whole superfoods
  • Creamy, smooth. and tasty
  • Available in several tastes and sizes
  • Promotes healthy beverages with many valuable ingredients
  • Carbon-neutral and naturally sweetened
  • USDA-Organics and GMO-free
  • Ships to the US regions
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • Receives good feedback from customers

What's On Kiki Milk

When you want to know more about a brand, you should not skip product classifications. This Kiki Milk review will define you about the product thoroughly. So, start reading!

What's On Kiki Milk
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Below are 4 things you’ll see on the official website:

Milk Collection Butter Collection
Accessories Sample Box

Further, this article will discuss the following all-rounders:

So let’s not waste time but keep reading the following discussion!

Kiki Milk Original Milk Reviews

This first release of Original Milk is partnered with leading nutritionists and pediatricians to ensure the quality. Each serving of 8 fl oz features 140 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 18 carbs. It is naturally sweetened with oats and coconut sugar.

Kiki Milk Original Milk Reviews
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You and your kids will love consuming it because it is rich in plant-based ingredients. It also has bioavailable calcium that supports your bone health and fatty acids for the brain. Worry not because it is free of GMO, dairy, gluten, soy, and gum.

Made of whole food ingredients, this certified organic product is delicious with a creamy taste. So, are you ready to get this milk and fulfill your kids’ nutrients?

Kiki Milk Mac Nut Milk Reviews

Mac Nut Milk is the company’s new release, featuring organic and decadent macadamia nuts. You’ll love sipping the milk because it promotes a delicious and creamy taste. Furthermore, it is free of harmful elements such as GMOs and gluten.

Kiki Milk Mac Nut Milk Reviews
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Each serving features 140 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 18 total carbs. The milk is rich in calcium, promoting stronger bones. It also has magnesium and is low in sugar. This certified organic product is created with whole-food ingredients.

Moreover, it becomes a great source of immune and thyroid support. Meanwhile, the nuts and seeds will fight inflammation due to their high antioxidants. Therefore, your body is fully protected while consuming milk regularly.

Kiki Milk Original Kiki Butter Reviews

Kiki Milk tries to invent many plant-based products, including this Original Kiki Butter. It is certified organic free of GMOs, nut, gum, and gluten. Instead, it is naturally sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar.

Kiki Milk Original Kiki Butter Reviews
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This great source of calcium and protein comes from oats and seeds. Meanwhile, the fats come from pumpkin, coconuts, and hemp seeds. Each serving has 170 calories, 11 carbs, and 9 grams of protein.

You can consume it in several ways. Everything is fine whether you want to blend, scoop, or spread it! You’ll taste creamy and crunchy flavour by the time you lick it. Therefore, you can stop searching for plant-based butter because it is the best you can find!

Kiki Milk Ingredients

Knowing the ingredients is important so that you know whether your allergy may be triggered or not. Mainly, the product features plant-based organic whole foods nourishing for humans. Here are the 12 organic ingredients:

Organic Coconut Sugar Organic Cacao
Organic Monk Fruit Organic Amia
Organic Aquamin (Seaweeds) Organic Spinach
Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds Organic Bananas
Organic Hemp Seed Organic Coconut
Organic Blueberries Organic Oats

Not only those but also the company manufactures every product without GMO and harmful ingredients. Therefore, you and your family may benefit from drinking the milk regularly.

Kiki Milk Pricing

You may have heard that the products’ prices are high. But how much do they cost precisely? Here is the table you must know:

One-Time Purchase Subscribe and Save
Original Milk On-the-Go $35.00 $29.00
Original Milk Family Size $48.00 $40.00
Mac Nut 6 Pack $52.00 $44.00
Original Kiki Butter 8 oz $14.00
Original Kiki Butter 16 oz $18.00

Kiki Milk Promotions

  • Join the mailing list and get 15% off your first-time order
  • Subscribe to the plan and save some discounts
  • Free US shipping fee for orders over $50
  • etc.

Kiki Milk Pros and Cons

Want to have more insights about the company? Don’t ever skip this part because here are the company’s pros and cons:


  • Delicious milk suitable for all ages
  • Made of safe and clean ingredients
  • Vegan, GMO-free, and creamy taste
  • Promotes healthier body
  • Available in on-the-go and family-pack sizes
  • Ships to the US and offers free shipping over $50 purchases
  • 30-day return policy for sample


  • Offers high price
  • No international shipping
  • A 30-day return is only applicable for a sample pack

Kiki Milk Customer Reviews

Feeling enough? Not yet! This review won’t stop until you have complete insights about the company. Then, let’s immediately dig into the ratings and testimonials from the company now!

Kiki Milk Customer Reviews
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Here is the rating explanation from the milk and butter above:

Further, here is what a satisfied customer says:

I love Kiki’s. From the packaging to the taste of the milk itself, they deserve a 5/5 every time! …

This customer loves Kiki so much. She loves all of them, from the packaging to the taste, and she believes the company deserves a perfect rating!

Another customer says:

I’m 74 and have dairy intolerance. I love Mac Nut Milk, its smooth taste makes what I put it on tastes better. It’s so nice to have pure milk at this age, and I don’t have to worry about all chemicals go into other nut milk products. …

This old customer can’t stop smiling because the products from this company have been a great help for her. Further, the taste is fantastic!

The last customer says:

We drink tons of non-dairy milk. This butter is the best of the best for health and taste. Thank you for providing a more affordable and beneficial product for the earth!

This customer finds the butter best because it is healthy and tastes delicious. Even better, it is affordable for her wallet!

In short, Kiki Milk is a one-stop shop you can rely on whenever you need a brand for plant-based products. Therefore, you can now be relieved because many customers are satisfied and have proven its benefits.

Is Kiki Milk Worth It?

Kiki Milk is indeed worth buying for any lactose-intolerant people. You can fulfill your daily nutrients not only by drinking juice. But now, you are ready to consume plant-based milk!

Is Kiki Milk Worth It?
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Furthermore, its organic ingredients are healthy and beneficial for your body. What are you waiting for? Click the link below and start ordering!

Where to Buy Kiki Milk Near Me

Does your patience decrease because you want to sip this plant-based milk? If so, please visit the official website and fill in your cart for over $50. This will give you a free shipping perk.

Meanwhile, if you want to get it fast, please check the near-me store locator near your house. It also sells through online marketplaces like Thrive Market, Amazon, etc.

Unfortunately, you may not find it on Costco or Walmart. So ensure you get it from the official store by checking the stock through the link below now!

Kiki Milk Contact

Wondering where you should contact customer service when you face a problem? Here is the contact detail:

Notably, the team may require 24 hours to reply to your question. Therefore, please wait patiently and avoid sending twice because it may postpone the response.


Dig deeper on Kiki Milk

While reading a brand review, you can’t help but be more curious about several affairs. Then, read the following section for more insights!

What is Kiki Milk made of?

The products are made of plant-based organic whole foods. You may also check the nutrition facts for more information.

Why is Kiki Milk so expensive?

Because the founders only use USDA-Organic ingredients of the utmost quality. As a result, you won’t get any harmful components for your body.

What does Kiki Milk taste like?

It tastes creamy, smooth yet mild in flavor.

Does Kiki Milk taste good?

Definitely! The taste is impressive, making you addicted to this kind of beverage.


This Hawaiian-based Kiki Milk will be your destination to provide nutrients for lactose-intolerant people. You may rely on this company because it ensures that the products are high quality.

In addition, its collaborations with nutritionists and pediatricians¬†are worth checking out. The team will send it safely to your house, whichever variant you prefer. So, let’s visit the official site and place an order!

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