What Is Art of Tea?

Art of Tea proudly presents hand-blended and exquisite specialty organic teas. You might be familiar with this brand if you’re a tea lover. As an importer and wholesaler of tea based in Los Angeles, California, the brand strives to create authentic flavored teas.

What Is Art of Tea?
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This brand was founded by Steve Schwartz and began Art of Tea in 2004. He is recognized as a master tea blender by leading figures in the tea industry. Steve began his tea journey by studying at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. From there, he developed a passion for blending botanical teas.

Steve continuously explores everything about the world of tea across the globe. With his passion for tea blending, this brand is increasingly recognized as a provider of organic and specialty teas.

Moreover, you can find this fine tea in several restaurants and hotels such as The Peninsula Hotels, Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Wolfgang Puck, Caesars Palace, Bloom Coffee & Tea, Benihana, The Huntington, Carnival, Shutter on the Beach, The Venetian, and many more.

Even better, this brand has 21k+ followers on Facebook and 56.4k+ followers on Instagram. It shows the brand has a significant engagement with its customers.

Alright, this Art of Tea review leads you to a deeper dive into the brand. We’ll focus on the overall quality, pros & cons, customer reviews, and brand-related information. Let’s get started!

Why Art of Tea?

Art of Tea has its own signature that stands out from other tea blends sold in the market. This award-winning tea is blended with the master tea blenders using hand-picked loose-leaf teas from direct farmers. Also, it has high-quality control to achieve a bold taste.

What’s more, it has already undergone a quality lab-tested in its warehouses. Furthermore, all products that will be shipped are guaranteed to be passed through the strict handling of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

In addition to the quality process, we discovered some important things you should know before determining which tea to buy. Check it out!


  • Free shipping on orders over $60
  • 30-day return policy
  • 5-star verified customer reviews
  • Certified USDA organic
  • Discounts and promotions for the first buyer
  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers wholesale

What's On Art of Tea

At Art of Tea, you can find everything about teas, botanicals, and herbs. Each tea has different aromas and smells. It is divided into: Green Tea, Black Tea, and Oolong Tea.

What's On Art of Tea
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The only thing that should be noted is the tasty flavor that gives you peace of mind in every sip. You can have it during your busy schedule or to unwind at home.

Here are the several products you can choose from:

What’s else? You can also find other interesting products for your tea essentials, such as:

The best part? All the packaging is specially designed to be environmentally friendly. This will make it more sustainable and keeps it fresh. In addition, you can order a sachet sampler box if you feel unsure which teabag to try first.

Art of Tea Matcha Cocoa Review

For matcha lovers, you must try Matcha Cocoa blended with two premium ingredients: Grade A Matcha and Guittard Chocolate Unsweetened Cocoa Powder.

Art of Tea Matcha Cocoa Review
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This drink has the perfect blend for a balanced result and richness in each steeping. It tastes perfect and is not too sweet. It can also be brewed using either cold or hot water.

In addition, the serving size of Matcha Cocoa is only to take one tablespoon in a single cup of it. You can add marshmallows as toppings for ultimate enjoyment. Enjoy this indulgent treat with no fuss for $37

Ingredients: Cocoa powder, passion fruit powder, organic matcha.

Art of Tea Happy Review

As the name suggests, Happy Tea will make anyone who drinks it feel unparalleled pleasure. This tea is wrapped in biodegradable pyramid sachets that make it easy to drink.

Art of Tea Happy Review
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Happy Tea is made from a blend of organic fruits and berries with a delightful aroma. Once you sip it, you will smell the sweet fruity scent. This tea is delicious, and the level of sweetness is just right, not too sweet.

It costs $18 for each box of 12 Happy Tea sachets. Add to your cart and be ready to have tea time!

Ingredients: Organic apple bits, organic Guayusa, organic raspberries, organic hibiscus, organic jasmine green tea, organic green rooibos, organic rosehips, natural flavors.

Art of Tea Earl Grey Tea Review

The next tea option is Earl Grey Tea, packaged using eco teabag sachets for easy carrying. Also, this tea has a medium caffeine content.

Art of Tea Earl Grey Tea Review
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Earl Grey Tea is delicate and fresh with citrusy, floral flavors and other organic leaves. This tea is delicious at every level of brewing. The strong aroma makes this tea even more popular.

For sure, it’s easy to use for all your activities. You can buy Earl Grey Tea only on the website to guarantee its quality and performance. Grab yours now at $35.70!

Ingredients: Organic black tea, natural oil of bergamot.

Art of Tea Price

In terms of price, Art of Tea offers a special price for each box to shop with confidence. So you can spend under $50 to sip this naturally brewed tea in the comfort of your home.

What’s more, this brand provides monthly subscriptions to enjoy the many comforts of tea without any hassle. However, the monthly subscription does not apply to coupon users in each transaction.

Art of Tea Pros & Cons

There are pros & cons of the brand that you need to know more about to gain insight before buying it. Here are the points:

Art of Tea Pros

  • It has a great taste in your mouth.
  • It comes with eco-friendly packaging.
  • Available in many flavors.
  • Lab quality tested.
  • Best value for the money.

Art of Tea Cons

  • This brand only ships to US and Canada
  • It doesn’t have a physical storefront

Is Art of Tea Worth To Buy?

All of their products are worth buying. It has many benefits for your health and wellness, making you relax and calm. Their teas are carefully selected and delicately blended to bring you an exquisite tea experience.

Is Art of Tea Worth To Buy?
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artoftea.com https://artoftea.com

Moreover, you can choose from various types of tea with prices that match the quality. This tea is delicious with a unique aroma. It will make each hour of your tea time even more precious.

Art of Tea Customer Reviews

What Does Customers Think?

For the next section, we will take you to see the testimonials posted on the website. It is important to know the testimonials before deciding to buy the product. This will give you confidence in the overall quality.

Art of Tea Customer Reviews

Without further ado, check it out!

The first customer said:

I like this Matcha Cocoa when it is made. It is served like Hot Chocolate with marshmallows on top the drink.

As it claims, Matcha Cocoa is a delicious treat to warm up the body, especially in winter.

One buyer mentioned:

I love this tea. I keep it in sachets making it easy to share with someone when I send them a card or letter.

Furthermore, Happy Tea is a customer favorite because of its eco-friendly packaging and amazing taste.

Another customer explained:

I was introduced to this tea at a specialty coffee shop (in Bklyn) where I worked about 3.5 years ago. Instantly fell in love with the aroma and the full flavor, exactly what I wanted from an amazing earl grey!!!

Meanwhile, the excellent Earl Grey Tea is also a comfort tea with its floral flavor and citrusy hints.

As seen in the above reviews, most customers enjoy the tea collection at the Art of Tea. They also recommend this tea for its delicious taste and aromatic scent.

How To Contact Art of Tea

Feel free to ask the support center team for assistance if you have any issues during checkout. Leave your message through the following email address:

For any urgent matters, call them at the number below:

  • Toll-Free: 1-877-268-8327
  • International: 213-493-6518
  • Fax: 213-389-8328

The customer service team will be available during business hours from Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm PST. The team will get back to you with an email request as soon as possible.

Art of Tea Discounts & Promotions

You’ve been waiting for this section, right? Art of Tea wants you to enjoy every purchase with a discount. Here we will tell you how to redeem the exclusive discount to unlock the saving.

  • Use code RANKID at your cart to claim 10% off sitewide at all products

The code is valid on December 31, 2023.  Additionally, you’ll also get 10% off your first purchase when you join the email list. Not to mention some crazy sales in the holiday season or other promo codes available on the website.

Where To Buy Art of Tea

Ready to enjoy the art of tea? If so, purchase all teas online through the official website. You will find several products of teas and exclusive benefits when purchasing them there.

In addition, the products are available on Amazon as a trusted marketplace. Make sure you place your order from the official store. So head over now and pick your favorite tea!


Customers usually ask the following questions when searching for Art of Tea reviews on search engines. Hence, we have compiled the best answers for you to understand.

Who Owns Art of Tea?

Art of Tea is a premium tea brand founded by Steve Schwartz.

Where Is Art of Tea Made?

Art of Tea uses teas and botanicals sourced from family farms around the world. Then, everything is hand-blended and packaged in Los Angeles.


Tea is one of the healthiest drinks for the body. However, it should be highlighted that consuming tea too often will affect the body because of its caffeine content. You can count on Art of Tea for the finest soothing, delicious, and healthy teas.

Well, it’s all about tea. Let this tea be your best friend when relaxing or working on your busy schedule. Select your favorite flavor and have a nice tea time. Thanks for reading!

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