New West KnifeWorks Review

With so many brands selling knives on the market, what makes this brand special? New West KnifeWorks is a brand known for its premium quality knives.

New West KnifeWorks Review
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Corey Milligan, a founder of the award-winning company, New West KnifeWorks, states that his goal is to make knives with the best performance, but also bring a design that’s appealing.

For over 15 years the brand exhibited and won awards at the Best Art Shows in the U.S. Thanks to their successful art shows, inspired them to create a store that looks and feels like an art gallery with the goal of people understanding that their knives are more than just “tools”.

They strive to maintain their products through strict quality control with very high commitment thus achieving a great and superior reputation that has been recognized in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit, Forbes, Bloomberg, and many other top publications.

Not only that, but they also managed to reach a fairly high number of followers on Facebook with 20k and 25.6k followers on Instagram. This shows the popularity of the brand on social media.

But, are they really what you need? Stick with the New West KnifeWorks review to get the answer.

Why Shop at New West KnifeWorks?

After reading some of the information in the previous section, you might still be unsure about this brand. It’s ok, let us tell you why you should choose this brand.

Why Shop at New West KnifeWorks?
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New West KnifeWorks use the finest materials to produce the best quality of their knives and prepare them with the patient hand of an artist.

To cover a wider range of reasons why you should buy from New West KnifeWorks, we’ve pinpointed the highlights.

New West KnifeWorks Highlights

  • Lifetime warranty for home use
  • Stay sharp: Free Tune-Ups
  • It has a return policy
  • Exchanges: No worry gifts
  • Ship internationally

What's On New West KnifeWorks

To create premium quality knives that THRIVE in the extreme chaos of a professional kitchen requires a relentless commitment to the cutting edge. New West KnifeWorks is constantly experimenting with design until form merges with function.

What's On New West KnifeWorks
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To achieve its goal, the brand seeks out the finest materials and blends them with the patient hands of an artist. Their products are made in the USA with CPM S35VN steel that delivers superior stain resistance in corrosive, wet, and dry kitchen environments that last a lifetime.

It doesn’t stop there, the brand also uses the best materials for the handles such as G-Fusion handles, All black G-10, and Desert Ironwood. Thus, the brand has been the world’s leading provider of performance fishing rods for many years.

That is the best effort made by New West KnifeWorks to create their best products by using high-quality materials. To prove its quality, we will discuss the following 2 best-selling products:

  • 7″ Teton Edge Santoku
  • 6″ Petty

Each of the products has its advantages and functions. So, will these knives be useful for you? Check out the product reviews below to find out the quality.

New West KnifeWorks 7" Teton Edge Santoku Review

Slicing, chopping, and mincing, this versatile chef’s knife will bring you convenience, even if you are an amateur.

New West KnifeWorks 7" Teton Edge Santoku Review
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The 7″ Teton Edge Santoku has a large width for easy scooping, while the medium length and ergonomic design make it very agile on the cutting board. The Santoku knife represents a revolution in the history of blade design.

This knife comes with etching that helps the knife slice food smoothly without sticking very well. It is processed with a very exclusive that is used to etch the “Edge” improving performance while optimizing the steel.

This G-Fusion line knife featuring S35VN “Powder Metal” knife steel is the highest performing in the market. This high-carbon alloy steel has it all: elite sharpness, toughness, edge retention, stain resistance, and sharpness.

The handle is made with G10: an aerospace-grade, near-antibody glass fiber epoxy composite material that provides optimal strength over a wide range of applications.


  • Blade length: 6.5 inches
  • Overall length: 12.5 inches
  • Max blade width: 1.875
  • Steel thickness: .160 inches
  • Blade thickness: .095-.020 inches
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces
  • Steel type: Crucible CPM S35VN Super High Carbon Stainless Powder Steel HRC 59-60

New West KnifeWorks 6" Petty Review

Conventional wisdom says you need two knives in the kitchen: a paring knife and a chef’s knife. The 6″ Petty challenges that notion by tackling both roles. This knife has an elegant utility that delivers power and elegance in one product.

New West KnifeWorks 6" Petty Review
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This knife will be a perfect choice for you that helps you gain the perfect skills to prepare many dishes. It stands out in peeling, paring skinning, carving, and other intricate work for vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Even the Petty knife also does some of the slicing and chopping work of the larger chef’s knives.

This one comes with the unique quality of metal powder steel reinforced in a special blade design. In addition to being extremely sharp, the toughness of the steel allows for a very thin and nimble blade that is still extremely durable.

Like the previous product, this knife also comes in the G-Fusion line with S35VN “Powder Metal” Steel and an unquestionable G10 handle.


  • Blade length: 5.5 inches
  • Overall length: 11.0 inches
  • Max blade width: 1.187 inches
  • Steel thickness: .160 inches
  • Blade thickness: .075-.020 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 ounces
  • Steel type: Crucible CPM S35VN High Carbon Stainless Powder metal steel. HRC 59-60

New West KnifeWorks Price

Price is one of the important things you should consider before buying a product. Take it easy because this brand provides prices that match the best performance of each product they sell.

Of the two products we discussed earlier, they have different prices. Of course, this is in accordance with the functions they have. Here’s the price:

  • 7″ Teton Edge Santoku: $389
  • 6″ Petty: $249

Please note that the brand sells a variety of products individually or by set. Therefore, the price will vary depending on what you choose. For individual knives, prices range from $140 to $5,40, while prices for set variants range from $430 to $5,340.

There may be some of you who feel that their knives are expensive and do not fit your budget. No need to worry because you can find knives on sale or coupon codes that you can find on their official website.

New West KnifeWorks Sharpening Services

There is nothing more fun and safe when using a cutting tool than using it as sharp as possible. You will save more time when cutting tough meat and certainly make it easier for you. What if your knife isn’t sharp anymore?

New West KnifeWorks is proud to offer professional knife sharpening services for all knives, scissors, axes, hatchets, tomahawks, and chisels. To get this service, the item to be sharpened can be dropped off at one of their stores during business hours or by mailing it in.

How to use this service? Please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the digital form completely and print it out to include with your knife submission
  2. Pack your knives, scissors & axes safely in their original leather sheaths or cardboard sheaths and store them in a box
  3. Ship your knives to the factory in Idaho: New West KnifeWorks, 7667 Lupine Lane, #101, Victor, ID 83455.

Please keep the tracking number of your shipment for reference. Ship it between 10 am – 5 pm. If anything is unclear, you can call 877-258-0100.

As part of the warranty, the brand covers the return shipping costs. They will return your knife in about two weeks. To know more about the detail, please check here.

New West KnifeWorks Store Locations

Whether you want to visit the store to purchase products offline or you want to have sharpening services dropped off, then this information will be useful for you.

Here are some retail locations that you can visit:

New West KnifeWorks Pros & Cons

Before buying a product, it is important to consider whether the product of the brand is worth it or not. For this reason, in this section, we will list some New West KnifeWorks pros and cons for your consideration.

New West KnifeWorks Pros

  • Produce by the patient hands of an artist
  • Made from the finest materials for premium knives
  • Provide unit or by set purchase
  • Customize knives are available
  • Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Free sharpening for all of their knives
  • Shipping within the US and internationally
  • Exchange and return for a full refund within 30 days

New West KnifeWorks Cons

  • Do not offer free shipping

Is New West KnifeWorks Worth to Buy?

If you’re asking if this brand is worth buying, we can confidently say that it is! New West KnifeWorks produces a wide range of knives with multiple functions or even more in one product.

Their knives are also made from quality materials which create premium knives.

Not only that, but the brand has a lifetime warranty where if you feel that your knife is not as sharp as it should be or notice a difference in performance, then you can send it back to the brand for a free adjustment (re-sharpening and factory sharpening).

There are also many other interesting offers that you can get from this brand, such as international shipping, return policies, and more.

Thus, it can be concluded from the quality of its products and the various services provided that this brand is very reliable and worthy.

New West KnifeWorks Customer Reviews

Sometimes we need to hear customer feedback that has to try or use a product from the brand we are going to buy. Therefore, in this section, we have listed some reviews from culinary professionals that we found on brand websites.

New West KnifeWorks Customer Reviews

The first came from Ben Ford as Head Chef and Owner at Ford’s Filling Station. He said:

New West Knifeworks has worked closely with working chefs to produce not only aesthetically beautiful knives, but also knives that have a great edge and are perfectly balanced. Their 8′ Fusionwood Chef is heavy enough to handle the meat cutting work of a small cleaver but still smooth enough to make fine cuts with precision.

In accordance with the owner’s goal, he wanted to create a knife that is beautiful and still able to work very well. From the reviews above it is evident that this brand has succeeded in achieving its wishes.

Next came from Tim Scott as Executive Chef at Macy’s who commented:

The Phoenix knife is very light and maneuverable, great for slicing any fish, meat, or vegetable. Very comfortable handle and is easy to maintain.

From the reviews, it can be seen how well the brand’s knives perform and how high the quality of the entire knife to the handle is. Its easy maintenance also gives satisfaction to its customers.

Various reviews from professional chefs and home cooks that we have found are overall satisfied with the quality and performance of the brand. So far we have not found any customers who are disappointed with what the brand gives.

How to Contact New West KnifeWorks

Do you have some questions you want to ask the team? No need to worry because you can get in touch with them easily. You can contact their team via:

  • Phone number: +1 (877) 258-0100
  • Email:
  • Fill in the blank form on the Contact Us page
  • Chat with the team during business hours by clicking on the blue icon on the bottom right

We recommend contacting the team during business days and hours so that you can get optimal service.


A premium knife with exceptional sharpness will support your performance to serve the best dishes. Therefore, it is important to choose the knife that you use.

With New West KnifeWorks, you don’t have to worry about your performance in the kitchen because their knives will give you the best experience. You can prepare a variety of delicious meals without any problems or obstacles. Everything will be easy!

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