NOMAD Grills Review

What is a Nomad Grill?

Cameron Leggett spent 3 years to create the portable grill. In 2017, he successfully found NOMAD Grills with a #MadeToMove movement. Why so? Because this founder wants to help customers to grill food wherever they are. 

NOMAD Grills Review
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The portability is beneficial for travelers or camping lovers. They can hold it in their hands due to the compact design. The company even offers high-quality charcoals that are long-lasting and easy to light.

Having this grill and smoker allows you to make any cuisine you desire. Whether you want to smoke or bake, the product is steady. Customers may also cook beef, chicken, duck, seafood, etc.

Many customers are delighted with the product, resulting in high revenue for the company. You can check its review in Men’s Journal, Outside, Rolling Stone, etc. It also has over 327K followers on Instagram!

If you have a camping or traveling hobby, reading this NOMAD Grills review is a must. You’ll see the product classifications and benefits. Therefore, get a snack and have a seat, so start reading!

Why Shop at NOMAD Grills?

NOMAD Grills followers on social media know that the company is attractive. Following the account gives you delicious recipes for your following cooking routine.

Why Shop at NOMAD Grills?
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Furthermore, the company has plus points to offer, such as:

NOMAD Grills Highlights

  • Dallas-based company
  • Food-grade silicone of portable grill and smoker
  • A charcoal-fueled tool with two-zone cooking
  • Suitable for beef, chicken, seafood, etc
  • Allows you to grill, smoke, bake, and so on
  • Portable, lightweight, and travel-friendly
  • Offers satisfaction guarantee
  • Provides limited lifetime warranty
  • Ships internationally
  • Gets good feedback from buyers

What's On NOMAD Grills

You will see many photos and recipes when you check the company’s Instagram account. But before learning the tips for making the cuisine, you’ll see the product categorization in this section.

What's On NOMAD Grills
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Below are the 6 of them:

Grill Grate
Charcoal Fire Starters
Tools Gear

Further, this NOMAD Grills review won’t take much to read because we will only discuss the following best-selling:

Without waiting any longer, let’s delve into the first all-rounder!

NOMAD Grills Grill and Smoker Reviews

Say hi to the all-rounder, the NOMAD Grill and Smoker, promoting all-purpose performance. It is a briefcase grill device that weighs around 28 pounds. It is available in 3 shades: blue, black, and yellow.

NOMAD Grills Grill and Smoker Reviews
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The equipment features Advanced Thermal architecture and cast-cambered grates. In addition, the MagVent Air Controls will be a no-mess mitigation whatever the cuisine you want to make.

Since it is portable, it has a handle that promotes carrying comfort. Thanks to the convective airflow, the heat is distributed evenly. It has a cast-to-last construction and anodized finish, making it more durable and corrosion-resistant.

Due to the 425 square inches grate, you can make up to 30 burgers! So, are you ready to cook with the Tel-Tru T-Stat bimetal thermometer feature on this grill?

NOMAD Grills Cast Cooking Grate Reviews

Do you need more media to cook for your enormous family members? If so, buying this Cast Cooking Grate is the best option! This product can be your second foundation, adding 212 square inches of cooking space. 

NOMAD Grills Cast Cooking Grate Reviews
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Moreover, it is made of stainless steel, which makes it more durable and strong. It weighs 3 lbs and has 18.5 x 11.5 inches dimensions. You can use it inside the previous grill, and 2 grates can be stored inside the closed lids.

Further, using this additional grate is easy. How so? Because it has a high-temp magnetic lock, which is safe during grilling and smoking. So, which cuisine will you make first?

NOMAD Grills Fire 100% All-Natural Charcoal Reviews

The grill is ready, and an additional grate is also available. Now, what you need is this Fire 100% All-Natural Charcoal. It is available in 2 packs: 10-lb and 20-lb boxes, allowing you to have an on-the-go grilling even when traveling.

NOMAD Grills Fire 100% All-Natural Charcoal Reviews
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The charcoal is hailed from Thailand, with super dense hardwood. It is sustainably sourced from rambutan tree, promoting hot burn and long-lasting up to 3-5 hours. The product has no chemicals or filters, meaning you can smoke the cook naturally.

Further, it burns cleanly with low smoke and ash. Once you finish cooking, the charcoal is also reusable whenever the item has the shape (not ash). So, will you buy this charcoal one time or subscribe to the plan?

NOMAD Grills Price

This section will tell you how much budget you’ll need to enjoy an outdoor barbecue. Therefore, the following table will give you more insights.

Grill and Smoker $695
Cast Cooking Grate $128
Fire 100% All-Natural Charcoal $36-$72

Other than that, you may get discounts from the list below:

  • Sign up for the newsletters for special offers
  • Bundle your purchases and save some deals
  • Enjoy free shipping for all orders over $100 with FedEx
  • etc.

NOMAD Grills Pros and Cons

You can’t see a company based on the good side only. Likewise, you won’t see the minus points of it. So here are the pros and cons of this Dallas-based company:


  • Grill accessories designed in Texas
  • Compact and easy-to-use
  • Promotes easy cleaning
  • 1-year warranty for defective parts
  • Ships internationally
  • Free local and international shipping for orders over $100
  • 30-day return policy


  • Only sells on-site
  • The NOMAD grill and smoker is only available in one size

NOMAD Grills Customer Reviews

While reading this post, you can also check the ratings and testimonials. The insights allow you to fix your decision to purchase the products or not. Then, get into the discussion now.

NOMAD Grills Customer Reviews
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First things first, here are the ratings of the abovementioned grill equipment:

Meanwhile, below is what a satisfied customer says:

… This grill makes you want to live outside and grill like a caveman every day. Everything I have grilled on it amazed myself and everyone who is joining for dinner! It is a MUST have for anyone who loves camping or grilling.

This customer is delighted because the grill result is impressive. He even wants to live outside and grill all day, believing it is a must-own for camping lovers.

Another customer says:

Works so perfect to double useable grill. Now, I can have multiple heat zones and I love that it snaps in with the magnetic features.

This customer is happy because he can grill on both sides of the tool. Further, the product works perfectly with its magnetic features.

The last one says:

These coals can light easily, burn clean, long-lasting, and HOT! They also add serious flavor to anything you cook over them. You will love these coals!

This customer can’t stop admiring the charcoals because of their practical use. Not only are they light with ease, but also they give new flavor to the food.

Simply put, NOMAD Grills receives a lot of high ratings from customers. Those are the results of the high-quality and valuable products they offer customers.

Is NOMAD Grills Worth It?

Grilling with only 28-lb briefcase equipment is indeed beneficial for us. Therefore, NOMAD Grills is worth buying due to its flexibility and functional features. This way allows you to be more efficient even during traveling.

Is NOMAD Grills Worth It?
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You can grill or smoke indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is functional for any ingredient, whether beef, chicken, or seafood. So, let’s leave Reddit, trust the testimonials, and buy the grill now!

Where to Buy NOMAD Grills

Are you looking for NOMAD Grill and Smoker Amazon? Sadly, the company does not offer any product through this marketplace. You won’t find any official store of it. So, what should you do?

Visit the official website to buy barbecue accessories. Remember that you won’t get any used NOMAD Grills for sale here. Instead, they are all new with a limited lifetime warranty.

NOMAD Grills Customer Service

While online shopping, you can’t help if you face any problems. But don’t worry because the team is ready to help. Merely choose one of the following methods and call them out:

  • Pop up an email to
  • Send a message through the Facebook’s official account
  • Hit a direct message through the Instagram’s official account

The company does not provide a phone number to call. Yet, you can visit the following address if you want to meet the owner directly.

NOMAD Grills Headquarters
111 N. Bishop Avenue,
Suite A Dallas,
Texas, 75208


Dig deeper on NOMAD Grills

As a customer, you may have more questions about the company. Please go on to the following section to find more insights.

Where are NOMAD Grills made?

The NOMAD Grill and Smoker are made in China.

What material is the NOMAD grill made of?

The product is made of anodized aluminum and cast-aluminum combinations.

Can I use regular charcoal on NOMAD Grill?

Of course, you can use regular charcoal in this portable grill device.

Can you use wood in a NOMAD Grill?

You can use wood to enhance the fire in the NOMAD BBQ grill.

Can you smoke a brisket on a NOMAD Grill?

Definitely! The product is flexible, allowing you to smoke, bake, barbecue, whatever you need!


NOMAD Grills is a Dallas-based company providing easy grill and smoking equipment. You can rely on this company to search for the products you need for indoor and outdoor barbecues. Further, it offers functional features that won’t disappoint you.

After all, the company is famous for its briefcase grill items. You only need to buy this one and start cooking your desired cuisine. Whether camping, beach-visiting, fishing, or any other activity, the product will let you grill the utmost. So, let’s buy the item now!

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