Kencko Reviews

Are Kencko smoothies actually healthy?

Tomás Froes suffered from acute gastritis. This man then evaluated his eating habit, transforming his consumption into fruit and veggies. His strive led to better innovation, forming instant smoothies in Kencko (healthy in Japanese) in 2016. 

Kencko Reviews
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It is committed to creating healthful products for all customers. They only use organic fruits and vegetables and source them ethically from organic farms. This B-Corp Certified then received USDA Organics and EU Certification.

They utilize a flash-freeze and slow-dry process made between Brooklyn and Lisbon. This option lets you have instant smoothies and gumdrops / gummies of the utmost quality. You can even use your creativity to turn it into overnight oat!

Hear this company’s fame: Forbes, The Spoon, Cheddar, etc., writing its review! Those looking for healthier habits also gather on social media. As a result, the brand has more than 153K followers on Instagram and 47K others on Facebook.

This Kencko review will dive deeply into the brand and see if its five-a-day product is worth buying. Whether you’re searching for a more instant option by shaking up a shaker bottle, stay tuned till the end. So, let’s begin!

Why Kencko?

Many customers have searched the company reviews from 2021 to 2022. You can focus on this 2023 review if you want to know more. However, remember that it is not a Kencko review for weight loss. Instead, it is for a healthier habit.

Why Kencko?
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First, look at the highlight below to see how powerful this company is!

Kencko Highlights

  • B-Corp certified company since 2020
  • Works with USDA-Organic and EU-certified partners
  • Manufactured the products with GMP and HACCP certifications
  • Prioritizing healthy habits by offering a subscription rather than a one-time purchase
  • Compostable packaging with carbon-offsetting freight emissions
  • Provides Free Nutrition Coaching with registered dietitians
  • Ships internationally
  • Offers Happiness Guarantee for anyone unsatisfied with the products

What's On Kencko

This company offers personalized subscription boxes featuring healthy products. All of them are helpful to your body. In addition, it even develops bowls so that you can create more recipes with instant smoothies.

What's On Kencko
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Since the product varies, this Kencko review will focus on the following 3:

Then, let’s immediately move to the following section and dig deeper!

Kencko Smoothies Reviews

Is Kencko tasty?

Say hi to the delicious and game-changer of your life, Smoothies by Kencko! These products are carefully made between Brooklyn and Lisbon, resulting in more than 21 flavors. In addition, those flavors combine with 50 different fruits and vegetables!

Kencko Smoothies Reviews
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You’ll love starting your day by drinking this organic option. Why? Because you only need 2.5 cups and shake it! Then, you can fill in your daily nutrients in only 60 seconds!

The smoothie is beneficial for your body. It has 3 main functions: power up energy, sharpen focus, and glow your skin. Thanks to the flavor variety, you can choose between Mochas, Matcha Greens, Ambers, etc. So, let’s check the smoothie availability!

Kencko Gumdrops Reviews

Do you need a booster during your busy schedule? Meet Gumdrops, the perfect solution for your family member, from children to older people. The product features actual fruit and vegetable but has no refined sugar.

Kencko Gumdrops Reviews
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In addition, it is organic and vegan. You’ll love the chewy texture because it is also gut-friendly fiber. This one five-a-day can be your children’s treat in their lunchbox.

Let them choose the flavors because it is available in 5. Whether they prefer banana or apple, let this gumdrop bring more motivation and keep your sugar intake stable!

Kencko Water Shaker Reviews

The smoothies are primadonna. But people can’t stop admiring this Water Shaker due to its stylish and reusable feature. It has a sleek line, light yet durable for your go-to bottle. In addition, the de-clumpinator will mix up the smoothies efficiently.

Kencko Water Shaker Reviews
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You can use this item to shake the smoothies with its luxurious finish. Furthermore, the removable seal will keep the hygiene maximum. It is also BPA-free and safe for dishwashers. With the integral seal cup, you would not lose its head!

Even better, the construction is divided into two, allowing you to clean it more easily. Therefore, you can keep the quality for a long, long time. Congratulations! You help the earth by reducing plastic waste with a brilliant solution!

How Does Kencko Work?

As discussed, the company only sells subscription boxes, so you must adjust the package. How do you do that? Please read the following procedure to purchase it.

  1. First, log in to your account on the official site. If you haven’t, please create one.
  2. Click the Shop button on the corner display.
  3. Then, adjust the product you want from smoothies, gumdrops, bottles, etc.
  4. Once finished, you can check out the products.
  5. Complete the payment, and that’s it! The team will prepare your order immediately!

Every US order will receive a free shipping perk. However, international orders must pay a specific shipping fee. So ensure you pay the correct amount, and let’s change your habit with a healthy and tasty beverage!

Kencko Pricing

How much do Kencko smoothies cost?

Now you know how to place an order from this company. But do you know how much budget you should have to buy the subscription box?

Here is the price classification.

20 Smoothies $2.99/item 1-pack of Gumdrops $1.99
30 Smoothies $2.69/item 4-pack of Gumdrops $11.96
60 Smoothies $2.49/item 20-pack Plus Protein $29.80
Shaker Bottle $9.90 10-pack Plus Protein $14.90
Nutrition Coaching FREE 5-pack Plus Protein $9.90

You can subscribe to the official website for 15% off your first-time orders. Furthermore, you’ll get another special deal by joining the Ambassador Program. Last, are you ready to get the offer?

Kencko Pros and Cons

In the middle of this review, you’ll find the pros and cons of the brand. Without further ado, here they are:


  • Instant smoothies and gumdrops to fulfill your daily nutrition
  • Made of real fruits and vegetables
  • Sourced ethically from organic farms
  • Adjustable subscription box
  • Ships internationally
  • Free shipping for all US orders
  • 28-day return policy


  • No one-time purchase. Instead, you must cancel the subscription immediately if you only intend to try the products.

Kencko Customer Reviews

Before leaving this review, you may be curious about people’s reactions after drinking this brand’s beverage. Then, this section will discuss it thoroughly, allowing you to judge how good it is.

Kencko Customer Reviews
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First, Kencko receives a 4.3/5 rating from 70 reviews on Trustpilot. Here is the utterance from a customer:

… It tastes delicious and super easy to pick your favourites flavors and set them to renew the plan automatically. I get the box of 60 every six weeks and it works wonderfully.

This customer finds smoothies from the company tasty and easy to make. Furthermore, his 60-pack of smoothies works so well on his body!

Another customer stated:

The shipping is on-time. The flavor combinations are delicious and amazing! I can’t imagine an easier method to add nutritious vegetables and fruits to your diet. …

This customer is thankful because her subscription box arrives safely. In addition, the smoothies taste delicious and so nutritious for her body.

In short, Kencko gets many people’s attention by providing a better diet method. Not only are the smoothies healthy and easy to make, but also they can fill in the daily dose of customers.

Is Kencko Worth It?

Undoubtedly, Kencko is worth checking out because it fulfills human’s daily dose of nutrients in a more efficient method. You can even choose the flavor with much protein and vitamins you prefer the most to make consumption more enjoyable.

Is Kencko Worth It?
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Thanks to its personalized subscription box, you can adjust it based on your needs. Therefore, you don’t have to spend much but keep your monthly budget simple and your nutrition on point.

Is Kencko Legit?

People are sometimes unsure if the smoothies are tasty. However, you can stay out of that negative thinking because this legitimate Kencko offers delicious products! The official website even writes people’s testimonials to let you know more.

Furthermore, the website has a secure SSL feature, which means the brand is worth your trust. You don’t have to check its reviews Reddit anymore. Instead, visit Kencko’s Reddit account to see more customer testimonials now!

Where to Buy Kencko

Customers who intend to change their habits may immediately subscribe to the plan through the official website. You can adjust the powder smoothies flavors based on your preferences. Also, the brand ships internationally, including to the UK!

Meanwhile, anyone who loves instant shopping may visit the nearest Walmart at your place. Check it from this store locator. Then, you can create simple overnight oat from the brand’s smoothies recipes on social media. So, let’s fill in your daily dose now!

Kencko Customer Service

Are you confused about the subscription? Or you can’t log in to your website’s account? No need to worry; contact customer service immediately to get help! Here is the address you can go to:

The team may receive many questions day by day. So, please be patient and wait at least 24 hours for a response.


An abundance of activities may make you forget to have healthy meals. But say no more because Kencko is ready to help you with five-a-day smoothies in the long run! You can make it anywhere, even in the middle of the walk.

This company offers delicious smoothies you can drink every day. In addition, they feature actual fruit and vegetables that are ethically sourced from organic farms. So, which flavors will you purchase? Visit the official site and place an order now!

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