Piquant Post Spices Review

First of all, let’s know a brief history of this food brand. Piquant Post is a brand that has been established for over 5 years and is headquartered in the United States.

Piquant Post Spices Review
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Inspired by the desire to carry all the world’s flavors to all the home kitchens in the entire world, the brand has come forward as a leading source of freshly ground spice blends with a wide variety of flavors.

Through this brand, you can find many kinds of spices from various countries around the world, ranging from African to South American.

And after more than 5 years in the food business, the brand has managed to popularize its name to the world. This is proven by how Piquant Post has been featured in various famous media publicity such as Today, BuzzFeed, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan.

Not only that, but they also have a lot of followers on their social media, which currently boasts 2.5k+ followers. You can follow the hashtag #piquantpost on Instagram to see what people have been cooking with the brand’s spices.

So what kind of spices are available? How about the prices? Which countries does the brand ship to? No need to rush, you can find all the answers to those questions by keeping your eyes scrolled down in this Piquant Post review. So, keep reading!

Why Piquant Post?

With Piquant Post, you can explore more than 100 spices around the world with distinct flavor profiles. This means that the brand can give you the opportunity to be as creative as you like in serving different flavored dishes for your family dinners.

All the spices sold in the brand are blended and developed by professional chefs, ensuring that they come with authentic flavors and great quality.

Even better, this food brand provides free Piquant Post recipes that are available in every spice box you order, making it easy for you to cook according to the spices you buy.

Or, in case you want recipes that you can access easily and timelessly, you can visit the official website and search for the Recipes menu or by clicking the link here.

Moreover, this brand offers international shipping. So wherever you are in the world, Piquant Post will reach out to you and let you discover and explore various cuisines. And for those of you who live in the United States, you might be excited as the brand offers free shipping on any purchase over $18.

So, what spices does the brand offer? Well, you can find the answer in the next section.

What's On Piquant Post

When you’re shopping for spices in this brand, you get many seasonings to choose from. With that, it will give you plenty of options to explore new dishes in your kitchen.

What's On Piquant Post
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Perhaps you want to try cooking Nordic Potato Salad, you can purchase Piquant Post Nordic Blend spice. Or if you want to serve Swahili Grilled Fish to your family, you can pick up Piquant Post Aloha BBQ spice.

There are also many other spice options, such as Peri Peri, Chimichurri, Aji Amarillo, Cuban Mojo, and many more. Well, choose the one that best suits the dish you want to serve.

But in this Piquant Post review, we will reveal three spices that are most searched for and inquired about by cooking enthusiasts on the internet. And those three spices are:

Piquant Post Review: The Three Most Wanted Spices

  • Piquant Post Tempero Baiano Spice
  • Piquant Post Trinidad Curry Spice
  • Piquant Post Chile-Limón Spice

Piquant Post Spices

Hold on! Before you go to the review section for the top three most sought-after products, this Piquant Post review has rounded up the three categories of seasonings that you can choose from when searching for spices on the official website.

Piquant Post Spices Based on Region:

  • African: 9 types of spices
  • Asian: 30 types of spices
  • Caribbean: 5 types of spices
  • Chinese: 4 types of spices
  • East Asian: 1 type of spice
  • European: 18 types of spices
  • Indian: 6 types of spices
  • Japanese: 3 types of spices
  • Latino: 13 types of spices
  • Mexican: 4 types of spices
  • Middle Eastern: 12 types of spices
  • South American: 5 types of spices

Piquant Post Spices Based on Foodstuffs

  • Veggies: 47 types of spices
  • Beef: 2 types of spices
  • Chicken: 16 types of spices
  • Fish: 23 types of spices
  • Pork: 5 types of spices
  • Lamb: 5 types of spices

Piquant Post Spices Based on Flavor

  • BBQ: 27 types of spices
  • Chili: 6 types of spices
  • Smoky: 10 types of spices
  • Spicy: 27 types of spices
  • Citrusy: 4 types of spices
  • Curry: 9 types of spices
  • Earthy: 18 types of spices
  • Floral: 2 types of spices
  • Fruity: 5 types of spices
  • Bitter: 1 type of spice
  • Peppery: 1 type of spice
  • Nutty: 13 types of spices
  • Salty: 3 types of spices
  • Savory: 24 types of spices
  • Sweet: 17 types of spices
  • Tangy: 8 types of spices
  • Tingling: 2 types of spices
  • Umami: 4 types of spices
  • Warm: 20 types of spices
  • Zesty: 4 types of spices

And now, the time has come. So let’s break down the three most sought-after Piquant Post’s spices!

Piquant Post Tempero Baiano Spice Review

The first of these is Piquant Post Tempero Baiano spice, which is originally from Bahia in northern Brazil. This is a spice that can enhance the vigor and flavor of dishes like soups, stews, chicken, fish, and beans.

Piquant Post Tempero Baiano Spice Review
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By adding this spice, you can cook several food recipes such as Vegan Feijoada, Brazillian Shrimp Stew, Moqueca Brazilian Fish Stew, and Brazilian Feijoada.

Tempero Baiano Ingredients

  • Marjoram
  • Mexican oregano
  • Basil
  • Black pepper
  • Nutmeg
  • Turmeric
  • Red pepper
  • Flakes
  • Parsley
  • White pepper, and
  • Bay leaf

Piquant Post Trinidad Curry Spice Review

Planning to have curry for your family dinner? And are you interested in dishing up a signature curry dish from the Caribbean island? Without a doubt, Piquant Post Trinidad Curry is the best spice to get.

Piquant Post Trinidad Curry Spice Review
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By purchasing this spice, you can creatively make dishes such as Trinidadian Pork Curry, Trinidadian Chicken Roti, and Caribbean Fish Tacos.

Trinidad Curry Ingredients

  • Turmeric
  • Coriander
  • Cumin
  • Garlic powder
  • Black pepper
  • Fenugreek
  • Bay leaf
  • Mace
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Thyme
  • Mustard seed
  • Cinnamon, and
  • Nigella seed

Piquant Post Chile-Limón Spice Review

You all agree on how refreshing it is to have food topped with lime. But what if you could enhance the freshness of the lime in your dish? Ah, that would be so much yummier.

Piquant Post Chile-Limón Spice Review
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And the most suitable spice for these fresh dishes is Piquant Post Chile-Limón Spice. Besides, this spice is made from a blend of Peruvian ingredients such as Aji Panca fruit and Aji Amarillo chilis.

The food recipes that you can try to prepare using this spice are Tomato Mango Ceviche, Peruvian Shrimp Chowder, Peruvian Mushroom Jalea, and Peruvian Chile Lime Shrimp.

Chile-Limón Spice Ingredients

  • Cumin
  • Paprika
  • Coriander
  • Aji Amarillo
  • Aji Panca
  • Mexican oregano
  • Kaffir lime leaf, and
  • Citric acid

Piquant Post Pricing

No, no, you don’t have to spend more than $5 to get your hands on the spices available at this brand, as the price tag for the spices is in the range of $3 to $4.

This is definitely a great deal as you can taste the flavors of worldwide cuisines by spending no more than $5.

Not only that, but you can also enjoy several Piquant Post discounts and coupon codes provided by this brand. And we have summarized some of them for you.

  • Subscribe and get 10% OFF on your first purchase
  • Spend more than $18 and enjoy free shipping

Piquant Post Pros & Cons

The world is fair; things are never allowed to be perfect. Therefore, there will always be flaws in every excess, and so it is with Piquant Post.

Here, we have compiled the pros and cons of this brand for you. So, in case you need something to consider before buying spices from this brand, you can check it out below.

Piquant Post Pros

  • There are over 100 spices to choose from
  • The spices are made, blended, and developed by professional chefs
  • It comes at a price that won’t break the bank
  • Offers international shipping
  • Provides free shipping for purchases over $18

Piquant Post Cons

  • Does not accept refunds or returns

Piquant Post Customer Reviews

When it comes to buying products from food brands, customer reviews are often the first point of reference for deciding whether to buy those food products or not.

Piquant Post Customer Reviews
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And this Piquant Post review understands that clearly, which is eventually the reason for compiling this section.

The first testimonial comes from a mom who gave products from this brand as a gift to her daughter, who loves to cook.

Bought as a gift for my daughter, who loves to cook. This was one of her favorite gifts that I have given to her. The recipes are easy to be followed, and the spices are of great quality.

In her testimonial, she revealed that the spices were one of her daughter’s favorite gifts. This customer also explained that the brand’s spices come with the best quality, along with recipes that are easy to understand.

On the other hand, there is also a testimonial from someone who has purchased the brand’s spices and has tried various dishes. Here, she explained that this brand’s recipes are restaurant-derived because of their luxurious and delicious taste.

I love Piquant Post! I’ve already tried so many new flavors, and the recipes taste as if they came from a real restaurant.

Another happy customer explained how the brand gave her a way to find inspiration for her kitchen. With this brand, she can try various recipes and nail the spices.

This has been a fantastic way to get inspiration in the kitchen, try some new recipes, and nail the spices!

To sum up the three testimonials above. We can conclude that this brand has succeeded in making people taste the various flavors of authentic cuisines worldwide.

Most customers expressed how the brand makes it easy for them to prepare different dishes and flavors every day.

Is Piquant Post Worth To Buy?

Considering how this food brand has managed to satisfy hundreds of cooking enthusiasts, this Piquant Post review agrees that this brand is worth it.

With hundreds of spices available on its official website, you get plenty of options to try different dishes. Plus, every single spice is made, blended, and developed by professional chefs, ensuring you and other customers get the best quality with every purchase.

Where To Buy Piquant Post

There is no retail store or offline store. If you want these spices in your home kitchen, then you can get them directly on the official website.

How To Contact Piquant Post

Piquant Post Customer Services

Are there some questions or concerns you have about this brand? If so, why don’t you just ask the Piquant Post customer service straight away?

Well, for your convenience, we have summarized some of the brand’s contacts that you can reach out to.


The world has tons of country-specific cuisines, whether it’s desserts, soups, baked goods, and a whole lot more. And Piquant Post is a brand that can give you the opportunity to try and enjoy these cuisines without traveling.

The brand provides and offers a wide range of quality spices that will enhance the flavor of every dish you cook. Interested in trying this brand’s spices? Well, direct yourself to the official website!

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