Tea Drops Review

What are Tea Drops?

Sashee Chandran is a woman who has had tea experience her whole life. Her Chinese mom and Sri Lankan dad introduced her to a tea-drinking ritual ever since childhood. Then, in 2020, this beautiful woman founded Tea Drops.

Tea Drops Review
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She aspires to create no fuss, no mess, and no artificial ingredients tea, is booming, and is appreciated by society. Further, she only uses organic ingredients so that everyone, even pregnant moms, can drink the tea safely.

The bagless tea from this company allows you to create the drink with only 3 steps! In addition, you’ll find many tastes, such as Hibiscus, Matcha, Chamomile, Black, Oolong, etc. It also collaborates with Hello Kitty, resulting in cute packaging!

The company’s reputation lingers around, making it famous even among celebrities. Michael Obama and Oprah Winfrey have reviewed it and love the innovative production. Also, it is mentioned in Forbes, Marie Claire, etc.

It also gains over 44K followers on Facebook and 75K on Instagram. Then, to redeem your curiosity, this Tea Drops review will tell you the brand thoroughly. Having an eye? Let’s start the discussion then!

Why Shop at Tea Drops?

This company’s founder faced many obstacles during the product release. However, she successfully defeats all the fuss and stands proudly with high customer ratings.

Why Shop at Tea Drops?
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Then, let’s see why you should purchase sustainable tea from this company! Take a look closer at following the list!

Tea Drops Highlights

  • Women-owned company based in the USA
  • Sustainable bag-less tea made of genuine tea leaves
  • Offers many flavors and promotes easy consumption
  • USDA-Organics tea that dissolves effectively and sourced-ethically
  • Sells products in a customization box
  • Allows customers to create 100+ beverage possibilities
  • Subscription programs provide more benefits
  • Partners with Thirst Project to give a donation
  • Ships internationally
  • Obtains many good feedbacks from customers

What's On Tea Drops

Sipping tea hot and cold is so comfy. Yet, is it the only thing that the company offers to you? Keep reading this section to learn more about product categorization!

What's On Tea Drops
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Once you open the browser and visit the official website, you’ll see 6 categories below:

Tea Boba
Wellness Gifts and Sets
Gift Cards Accessories

However, let’s narrow the discussion because this Tea Drops review will focus on the best-selling as follows:

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Tea Drops Matcha Green Reviews

Tea Drops’ best-selling product, Matcha Green, is a perfect option for all time. You can sip the creamy and earthy taste in the morning and afternoon or whenever you need to relax your body.

Tea Drops Matcha Green Reviews
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This green tea features organic raw cane sugar and premium matcha. Furthermore, it only has 25 calories, with 60 mg of caffeine in each cup. The deliciousness and rounded sweetness will linger in your mouth smoothly.

Its organic ingredients have no artificial at all. Instead, it is Kosher-certified and USDA Organic. So let’s consume this high-antioxidant to keep you alert with Fair-Trade Certificate now!

Tea Drops Chai Spice Reviews

Some of you may prefer black tea. If you’re one of them, don’t forget to try drinking this Chai Spice tea. It features organic ingredients from raw cane sugar, Assam black tea, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and ginger.

Tea Drops Chai Spice Reviews
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myteadrop.com https://myteadrop.com

In addition, each cup of tea only has 25 calories with 60 mg of caffeine. This Kosher-Certified and USDA-Organics product will warm you with antioxidant elements.

When you sip the tea, you’ll taste bold, spicy, and delicate notes simultaneously. Then, this blend will soothe your mind and body to keep you calm and relaxed.

Tea Drops Blueberry Acai Reviews

Taking white tea with medium caffeine is also not a bad idea. This Blueberry Acai is a limited edition released by the company. It promotes a delightful fruity taste with a berry blend made of organic ingredients.

Tea Drops Blueberry Acai Reviews
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myteadrop.com https://myteadrop.com

Moreover, the tea features antioxidants to improve a body’s well-being. The combination of acai powder, raw cane sugar, white peony tea, and wild blueberry powder will immediately open your eyes.

Further, this fruity and sweet flavor will refresh your tired body. So whenever your sweet cell tangles for a buzzer, look no further than sipping this white tea!

Tea Drops Thai Tea Reviews

Who doesn’t love Thai Tea? Everyone loves this international flavor with bold, earthy, and fragrant notes! The product features 20 calories with 60 mg of caffeine. It is an impressive choice whenever you feel so tired and has no motivation at all.

Tea Drops Thai Tea Reviews
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Further, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients. This green tea type is naturally sweetened with organic raw cane sugar. You may even sip it before starting or closing your tiring day.

Even better, it is perfect for hot and cold. Make it warm if you need a welcome before supporting yourself. In contrast, Thai iced tea will accompany you freshly after a long and busy day.

Tea Drops Ube Reviews

This company’s product varies not only with sweet tea. Instead, you can have this herbal Ube tea with no caffeine. It is Kosher-Certified with USDA Organic certification, meaning you only have organic ingredients here.

Tea Drops Ube Reviews
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myteadrop.com https://myteadrop.com

It features organic raw cane sugar and organic purple yam powder. The tea produces only 25 calories with no artificial ingredients.

Further, the purple yam Philippines powder will have an earthy, vanilla, and nutty flavor. So not only is the color beautiful, but also you’ll have the choice to enjoy a treat with the healthiest flavor.

What Do You Do with Tea Drops?

This company wants you to have a convenient evening with relaxing tea time. It considers many things, resulting in 3 steps of tea making. The steps include:

  1. Drop in
  2. Add boiling water
  3. Stir, and sip!

Further, you may transform the beverage into boba, latte, and jelly. Please visit this Procedure page to learn more about the recipes. Then, which of the drink you’ll make to accompany you during the sunset?

Tea Drops Pricing

Don’t you curious about the price you must spend to purchase this effortless tea making? Well, here is the detail:

Tea 20 pcs (4 varieties) 30 pcs (6 varieties) 40 pcs (8 varieties)
$24 $33 $39.99
Boba 10 pcs (2 varieties) 15 pcs (3 varieties) 20 pcs (4 varieties)
$37 $54 $69.99
Mix 15 teas + 10 boba

Notably, the subscription program will cut a 15% discount from the abovementioned prices. Meanwhile, here are the promotions you can get from the company:

  • Enjoy 10% off your first-time order by subscribing newsletter
  • Join the reward program to earn discounts¬†
  • Refer your friend a $10 discount and get $10 in points as a return
  • etc.

Tea Drops Pros and Cons

Giving it a try to a product is fun. Yet, you must know the pros and cons before buying the products. So, here they are:


  • Tea with bag-less feature
  • Bold flavor and is never bitter
  • Organic ingredients
  • Pregnancy-safe
  • Ships worldwide
  • Free US shipping fee for orders over $45
  • Free shipping fee for all subscriptions with a 15% discount


  • No return policy since the company offers perishable products
  • No free shipping for international orders
  • Some products aren’t available on the official website

Tea Drops Customer Reviews

This section lets you break for a moment before buying the products. It is meant for discussing the ratings and testimonials. Then, let’s begin!

Tea Drops Customer Reviews
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facebook.com/MyTeadrop https://facebook.com/MyTeadrop

Below are the ratings of the abovementioned bag-less tea:

Further, one of the satisfied customers says:

I really love this tea because I have no worry with the loose leaves or tea bags bursting. The tea sweet is just right and is so delicious.

This customer can’t stop admiring the tea quality due to its convenient use. Further, the sweet is perfect with delicious flavor.

Another customer says:

I just ordered my custom box for the first time and I got this thai tea since its one of my favorite teas. It is nice, sweet, and has a smooth taste. I will order again!

This customer is a Thai tea fan who is satisfied with the flavors. She finds it the best due to the impressive flavors, promising she’ll buy another next time.

In short, Tea Drops did a great job providing unique tea packaging with various flavors. As a result, customers are satisfied, resulting in high ratings for every product.

Is Tea Drops Worth It?

Delicious beverages are somehow hard to recreate. But it is no longer a problem because this company allows you to make a drink effortlessly. Indeed, Tea Drops is worth checking out!

Is Tea Drops Worth It?
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facebook.com/MyTeadrop https://facebook.com/MyTeadrop

You don’t need to check its review Reddit anymore. Instead, trust the company’s quality after knowing the high ratings given by the customers. Hence, click the link below and purchase now!

Where to Buy Tea Drops

Getting ready to purchase the Ube Latte Kit? Or do you find the Hello Kitty boba collaboration more mesmerizing? If so, visit the official website immediately to purchase your desired products.

FYI- the company also has an authorized store on Amazon. You may also buy it from retailers across the world. Merely visit this Store Locator page to see the near-me location. Then, are you ready to make Thai iced tea?

Tea Drops Customer Service

Are you curious about this company’s teaology bronzing? Then, don’t worry because customer service is steady to help you with your problems. Several ways you can take include:

Further, the Live Chat feature will answer your question within 24-48 hours. Please wait patiently and avoid sending it twice because it may delay your message.


Dig deeper on Tea Drops

Are you going to delve deeper? Well, the following question will help you with that. So, take a closer look!

Are Tea Drops real tea?

Yes, the company only use genuine tea leaves for tea production.

Are Tea Drops pregnancy safe?

Definitely! The products from this company are pregnancy-safe. But you can consult with your doctor if you want to get assurance.

What is the shelf life of Tea Drops?

The shelf life is about two years. Yet, consuming the products within 3 months after you open them is recommended.


Tea Drops has a clever founder making the latest technology to provide bagless tea for all customers. The company’s aspiration is appreciated because it allows customers to make beverages effortlessly.

Further, you can recreate many kinds of drinks, from tea, boba, and latte, to jelly! Its high-quality and organic ingredients will also keep your body safe. So, are you ready to taste its efficacy? Order your favorite flavor right away!

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