Turin Grinders Review

What is Turin Grinders? It is a coffee grinder that serves to grind coffee beans. The company was founded in America and is engaged in the sale of coffee grinders. The tool has a powerful motor, and the way this tool works is very easy and fun. You can mash the coffee beans as you want.

Turin Grinders Review
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There are two types of coffee grinders offered: DF and SD. Each type has the same uses but different ways of working. This tool is mostly made of aluminum with a capacity of 50 grams.

To see the collection, you can look at the social media pages, which have 304 followers on Instagram and 2.4k+ followers on Facebook.

To make you more confident in this product, we will show you the price, types, advantages, how it works, and more. Keep reading this Turin Grinders review until the end.

Why Turin Grinders?

Turin Grinders are worn by hundreds of baristas in America, and all of them give positive feedback for the products. There are many benefits to this coffee grinder that you can get, such as the existing design is very simple and does not make it difficult for the wearer.

Turin Grinders Highlights

  • Free shipping and returns
  • Many discounts are given
  • Premium quality
  • There is service
  • One Year Warranty

What's On Turin Grinders

Besides a one-year warranty, this company also provides excellent service if your coffee grinder has problems.

The company can also ship orders outside the United States. Has an original design, and the thorn chamber is also uniquely designed to have as little retention as possible.

The dosing collar is made of metal to prevent the grinder from making a mess.

Turin Grinders Products

Turin Grinders Accessories

  • Measuring cup
  • Metal dosing collar
  • Blower Hopper

Turin Grinders SD40 Reviews

The Sd40 grinder is a single-dose grinder that has bellows and a base that is deliberately tilted to reduce retention during use. Above it is a 40-mm stainless steel cone grinder. Turin Grinders has an affordable price and the best quality, which is made of aluminum.

Turin Grinders SD40 Reviews
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turingrinders.com https://turingrinders.com

It is 6.75″ long and 3.75″ wide. It also weighs 5.75 lbs. The wattage of the motor used is 180 watts at 110 volts and 60 Hz. The hopper capacity can accommodate up to 40 grams.

For burrs made of stainless steel 40mm conical burrs. And for the choice of colors sold, there are three body colors: white, black, and polished aluminum. The bellows are made of rubber.

This tool is sold at a price of $215, and the price has been cut; the previous price was $369 before being cut.

Turin Grinders DF64 v5 Reviews

The Turin DF64 is a grinder that has low retention. This tool is only able to store a small amount of coffee because of its smaller storage area. When grinding coffee, there is some coffee left in the thorn chamber.

Turin Grinders DF64 v5 Reviews
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turingrinders.com https://turingrinders.com

Those left in the barb chamber weighed about 5 grams. It has a simple design and minimalist features. Almost the entire body is made of heavy-duty metal and aluminum with a durable vinyl wrap.

Turin DF64 has many colors, the most popular of which are black, silver, white, and aluminum. For grinder selection, we have options for you; here are ItalMil stainless steel grinders, ItalMil titanium burrs, SSP multipurpose grinders, and SSP high uniformity burrs.

It is a versatile grinder that can grind espresso, pour-over, v60, siphon, cold brew, French press, drip, and many more.

This Turin DF64 weighs 15 lbs with 250 watts at 110 volts motor. The tool can stop automatically after 45 seconds for a blow hopper capacity of 50 grams. It is also equipped with a blowing hopper and dosing cup.

What’s more, it comes with a one-year warranty, which allows you to use it with peace of mind.

For the price, the tool is priced at $400, and that includes a discount. The previous price before getting cut was $599. So, you can save $199 for other purposes.

Turin Grinders Pricing

We think Turin Grinders’ price point is worth the money. Below we show you the list:

Turin Grinders Price List

You can get up to 100% off by using the discount code: FREDF8323.

Turin Grinders Pros and Cons

Although Turin Grinders are much liked by coffee lovers, it has their own advantages and disadvantages that you need to know.

Turin Grinders Pro

  • It can be shipped outside the United States
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Lots of discounts

Turin Grinders Cons

  • Grinders cannot reach all methods of brewing coffee

Is Turin Grinders Worth It?

Yes, Turin Grinders are well worth the money. Apart from its ease of use, this coffee grinder also has a shape that is not too big like other coffee grinders. And this coffee grinder is also easy to carry everywhere.

Is Turin Grinders Worth It?
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turingrinders.com https://turingrinders.com

The price of this coffee grinder is also very affordable. For that price, you can get premium-quality goods with premium designs as well. Almost all parts of this grinder are made of rust-resistant aluminum.

The motor and grinders used are also of good quality. So this coffee grinder can work well when you use it. The results of the coffee powder produced from this coffee grinder are also good. There is also a timer that you can use, and then this tool will stop by itself.

Turin Grinders Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

To complete our Turin Grinders review, we show you what some customers think about the product they buy. We took all of the reviews from the official site, which means there’s no doubt about the verified customers.

The first review is for the Turin SD40 single-dose grinder; one of the customers said:

Really love the design. Its fast and quiet. Produces an even grind for the french press and espresso. I like the syepped adjustment that allows it easy to adjust.

From what the customer said above, we are sure about its quiet and fast performance.

Another comment is about how easy to adjust and consistent the grind. It states:

Excellent machine that very solidly built. Grind is easy to adjust and consistent. I Highly recommend.

And some comment is also for Turin DF64 v5, which states:

A great grinder. I was surprised how good the quality was. I was expecting a lot of plastic, but the whole thing is metal! Works great!

It comments on how great the quality of metal constructions is. Well purchased.

Overall, most of the customers are happy with their purchase. Thus, do you wanna join them?

Turin Grinders Customer Service

If you have any inquiries regarding the product or service, you can get in touch with the brand’s customer service team through one of these ways.

Take note that there’s special information for international customers, which you can read on the contact service page.

Where To Buy Turin Grinders

It’s easy to find the Turin Grinders product; just visit the official site, then you can get the original product along with the best price.

Or, you can get the product on Amazon since the brand also has an official store there.


The following are some frequently asked questions about Turin grinders that might help to answer your curiosity.

Who makes Turin grinders?

Turin Grinders are made by Espresso Outlite LLC, located in Michigan in the United States.

What is the difference between Turin DF64 and DF64P?

What distinguishes between the Turin DF64 and DF64P is that the DF64P has various colored coatings, while the DF64 has a colored vinyl wrap.

The DF64P has very pretty wood accents. While the DF64 does not have wood accents. For DF64, only grind espresso. While the DF64 can work for a variety of coffees.

Is DF64 worth it?

Yes, DF64 is worth it! This coffee grinder is very popular today. DF64 has an easy-to-understand way of using itself. This tool requires a bit of modding to make it perform at its best. The quality of Turin Grinders is unquestionable. The price given is also very affordable compared to the prices of other grinders.


From the reviews above, it can be proven that Turin Grinder products are very trustworthy. Many buyers have proven it by giving it a 5-star review. And the advantage of this product is that the price is affordable and the quality offered is very good. The shape of the coffee grinder is also very practical and does not take up much space.

It’s just that there is one Turin Grinders product that can only grind espresso. With the Turin Grinders review above, we have cleared your doubts about this product. Don’t think so much; let’s buy this product now! Don’t run out!

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