FreezerFit Reviews

As a person with a lot of work and busy schedules, you often need to pay more attention to meal times. When the thought of cooking makes you feel overwhelmed, not anymore with FreezerFit. This brand will help you stop stressing about dinner time!

FreezerFit Reviews
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FreezerFit is a freezer meal prep website that takes all the guesswork of cooking freezer meals. The brand stands by the slogan; save time, money, and healthy.

Set against the backdrop of the pandemic in 2020, the brand began its journey to help people save money and get fit with delicious, easy-to-cook meals made from the comfort of their own homes.

The brand wants to create solutions for people to find solutions to stay healthy, are easy to do, and save money. The company has a unique and smart way of helping people plan and prepare meals.

In addition, the brand provides several courses to choose from, so you can find a variety of your favorite recipes. You can also sign up for a membership to join webinars for tips & tricks to prepare healthy, nutritious meals in no time and save your budget.

This brilliant idea of freezer meals has received great appreciation from the public. Evidently, in their social media, the brand gained 2k+ followers on Instagram and 15k followers on Facebook.

As seen from all this information, is the brand worthwhile? To answer your curiosity, we have everything you need in FreezerFit Review. So bear with us; you’ll find exciting information as you scroll down!

Why Shop at FreezerFit?

FreezerFit will cure every headache you’ve ever had about cooking. Here, you can find the food that suits your personality or preferences. Guided by master chefs, cooking is now easy and fun!

Why Shop at FreezerFit?
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Introducing 2 of the brand’s featured chefs, Susan Ojeda West and Michele Swaczyna, they will guide you from educating you on healthy, nutritionally balanced meals to getting the correct information on eating well for your weight loss journey.

Furthermore, your cost is affordable and worth the experience and learning you’ll get. You will also get hundreds of healthy freezer meal recipes that are easy to prepare and healthy.

What's On FreezerFit Review

Guided by head chef Susana Ojeda West, FreezerFit consists of a team of expert freezer cooking chefs who know precisely why cooking at home can be such a pain sometimes.

What's On FreezerFit Review
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The brand helps you create life-changing solutions and outlooks on cooking. Here, you will get various recipes that save you time and money while keeping you healthy. Here’s what the brand offers:

FreezerFit Classes


Become a Member

As this review aims to help you get to know the brand in depth, the rest of this review will cover each of the brand’s features or services. So just scroll down, and we’ll get started!

How Does FreezerFit Work?

As one of the pioneer brands in healthy and quick freezer meals, you certainly need to familiarize yourself with how to shop for the brand. So here’s how:

  1. Search for meals
    You can directly visit the brand’s official website, then search by your preferences; diet, cuisine, cooking method, protein type, ingredients, recipes, etc.
  2. Add to the shopping list
    Once you’re done selecting your meals or recipes, add them to your shopping list with one click. All the ingredients will be neatly organized in the grocery store aisle.
  3. Print or save to phone
    You can print your shopping list or access it directly from your phone.
  4. Say no more to dinnertime stress
    After you’re done with the transaction, you can enjoy your meal right away and say goodbye to the stress of last-minute trips to the store.
  5. Enjoy more food in less time
    You’ll get plenty of food to enjoy in the time you need. It’s all practical and economical.

FreezerFit Recipes

Whether you’re a new mom who wants an easy way to prepare meals or you’re too busy to cook, freezer meals have you covered.

These recipes contain freezer meals that can be frozen for up to 90 days, then cooked the day you want to eat them. You can search for recipes by:

  • Diet
  • Cuisine
  • Chef
  • Cookbook
  • Cooking method
  • Protein
  • Ingredient
  • Dish

FreezerFit Membership

Join the brand’s membership to discover the easiest way to prepare delicious meals in minutes. By joining the membership, you will get over 500 healthy freezer meal recipes. Also, you can search for the perfect recipe by cuisine, cooking method, protein, ingredients, or diet.

Moreover, you can also download or print your customized shopping list, which can be sorted based on your budget. By joining the brand membership, you can save time cooking your meals in Instant Pot or Crockpot.

FreezerFit Membership Features

  • Get unlimited access to all of the brand’s cookbooks
  • Endless recipe choices with more added monthly
  • Access to the brand’s private members-only community
  • Filter through recipes by diet type, protein type, ingredient, cuisine style, and more
  • Avery label compatible

Of course, this membership will save you thousands of dollars per year on your cooking budget. Just pay once, and you’ll get lifetime access to this membership. So join now for only $97!

How much Does FreezerFit Cost?

You can start with $197 to join the membership. However, you can get it for $97 because the brand is having a sale. Additionally, it is a lifetime membership, so you only need to pay once.

Moreover, the brand also gives you a VIP annual to upgrade your membership. This VIP annual costs $14.95 per month or $147 per year.

You can also sign up directly on the brand’s official website for free classes. And if you are lucky, you can get free discount codes to save your budget!

FreezerFit Vs. Family Freezer

FreezerFit and Family Freezer are both brands that sell recipes and freezer meals. Hence, they are often sought after for their differences. Despite having the same concept, these two brands have different goals.

Both brands have freezer meal recipes, but they serve different purposes. This review found Freezer Fit is meant to be healthier and have more options, while Family Freezer focuses on healthy crockpot recipes and freezer meals.

FreezerFit Pros & Cons

Still unsure about purchasing a product from this brand? You can read our opinion about the plus & minus points of this brand so that you can consider it better before buying what you need. So, here is the list:

FreezerFit Pros

  • Serves food options practically
  • You’ll save a lot of time
  • Freezer meals don’t just have to be dinner
  • Helps you eat better, especially on busy days
  • Making bulk dinners will save you money
  • Fewer dishes

FreezerFit Cons

  • Requires more food organizer
  • You have to add more freezer space
  • Some of the meals may be hard to freeze
  • You must be willing to set time aside

Is FreezerFit Worth It?

FreezerFit is worth the price. The recipes are delicious and can make your meal plan practical and healthy. In addition, the website is easy to use and understand. On top of that, the prices are affordable, and even the membership is very reasonable for a one-time lifetime payment.

Is FreezerFit Worth It?
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FreezerFit Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Just as you ensure healthy food for better sustainability of your life, reviewing customer reviews is equally important. It helps you make informed decisions. So, let’s look at some customer opinions about the brand we got through their official Facebook.

FreezerFit Customer Reviews
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One customer praised the brand’s cooking program because it suited her husband, who is picky about food. This customer said:

The vegan recipes taste fantastic, and there is a good size to choose from. Even my picky husband loves it! Such a time-saving, money-saving, and healthy concept.

One customer said that this brand’s program is such a game changer. She said:

If you’re on the fence about joining, there is no need to think twice. FreezerFit is a life changer. Highly recommend.

And, of course, a customer praised this brand’s class since it helps her to save lots of money. This happy customer said:

Joining FreezerFit was the best New Year’s commitment I made to myself. I’ve saved so much money over the past few months and lost 8 pounds while doing so. I love that I don’t feel like I’m dieting at all. Just sticking with the right portions. The meals are so tasty!

From those customer reviews, most agree that the brand’s program does live up to its mission of serving healthy, easy, and budget-friendly meals. Hence, we agree that the brand’s classes are worth signing up for.

FreezerFit Customer Service

How To Contact FreezerFit

FreezerFit has put all customers’ most frequently asked questions on the Contact page of their official website. However, if you have any questions or feedback, you can contact the brand by filling out the form provided on the official website or emailing

Where To Buy FreezerFit

To sign up for FreezerFit meal classes, you can visit the brand’s official website. There, you will be directed to your favorite type of diet; keto, vegan, diabetic, comfort food, and others. Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to try free classes by visiting the brand’s official website.

The brand also offers exciting offers and promotions on the official website. Likewise, just by registering, you can get 50% OFF immediately. Even better, you also had the opportunity to get immediate rebates on your purchases. So, remember to visit the brand’s official website regularly.


We thought you'd never ask

Got a question? You’re not the only one! See how we’ve answered the most common FreezerFit questions.

Where is FreezerFit based?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide factual information regarding where strictly the brand is based, as they provide their services online. However, it is known that the brand is based in the US.

What size bags for freezer meals?

It depends on your cooking needs, but it is recommended that you use good quality, gallon-sized plastic freezer bags. Please do not hesitate to ask the customer care team for more information about this.


FreezerFit is a brand that offers an excellent solution for those who often struggle to prepare dinner. The brand offers a variety of classes at affordable prices and helps you save on your grocery budget while experiencing healthy and nutritious meals with ease.

FreezerFit is not a scam, and they offer a great membership. Guided by a skilled chef, you can create your favorite recipes. You can even choose classes according to your diet program. We highly recommend this brand, as everything is worth every penny.

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