Hiyo Review

Alcohol has become one of the popular drinks in the U.S. The problem is that this drink triggers a variety of issues. Alcohol’s bad impacts even attacked some family members of Hiyo’s founder in 2019.

Hiyo Review
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The founder knows how hard to sober and keep away from alcohol. The best alternative is finding a substitutes drink. From a small idea, the founder tried to formulate a sparkling drink with zero alcohol.

This drink even boosts the drinkers’ health, such as relieving stress and boosting mood. It’s Hiyo! You can find the brief story at drinkhiyo.com. We will provide the Hiyo review to reveal why this product is worth consuming.

Hiyo is formulated for those who want to start a healthy lifestyle without alcohol. The founder uses traditional ingredients and herbs to refresh this drink without sacrificing flavor.

Alcohol increases stress, and interrupts focus, reduces energy, and is even worse for vital organs.

How about this canned drink? This product is different. The more you drink this product, the healthier you are.

Imagine feeling relaxed, energetic, and better focused after drinking Hiyo a few times. Don’t worry! This drink is safe for your vital organs. Interestingly, the taste is fantastic, along with sparkling and fruity flavors.

So far, the company has launched three different flavors, which are:

  • Peach-Mango
  • Watermelon-Lime
  • Blackberry-Lemon

The company packs it in four cans per box. So for supply, you can buy a pack of Hiyo with 12 cans.

Best of all, this carbonated drink is also suitable for dieters and vegans. A can of this drink meets 30 percent of daily calories and is made of non-GMO and non-gluten ingredients.

Why Hiyo?

This sparkling drink is different than alcohol-based drinks in the market. It is even healthier due to the premium natural ingredients and herbs. You will not suffer from negative side effects like when drinking alcohol.

This product makes you feel better by reducing stress and increasing focus, and even good for your digestive system and metabolism.

Thanks to the premium ingredients. You should note that this drink is a USDA organic-certified product. This is a review that makes you understand why people love it.

What's On Hiyo

Hiyo is made of natural ingredients, such as turmeric, ginger, cordyceps, I-theanine, and ashwagandha. The combination of these ingredients produces not only the kicking flavor but also the float. The drink effects are more than just alcohol.

What's On Hiyo
Image credit: facebook.com/drinkhiyo
facebook.com/drinkhiyo https://facebook.com/drinkhiyo

Say you are exhausted after a hectic schedule. Take a can of this product and drink it. A few moments later, you feel your energy back. It seems that the compounds in the drink recharge your stamina.

Incredibly, you will feel calm and relaxed after drinking it. It is because of the powerful essential compounds from ashwagandha.

One thing is for sure, this sparkling water is not a medicine, but it affects your body just like a remedy. Soon, you will forget about alcohol and move on to this unique product. Best of all, it is not an addictive drink.

Hiyo Peach Mango Review

Hiyo Peach Mango is a combination of sweet peach and mango. This product suits those who love to taste a drink with a tropical sensation. It so smooths in your mouth.

Hiyo Peach Mango Review
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Your body can absorb the essential compounds maximally because it uses organic ingredients, including organic peach juice, mango juice concentrate, orange juice, green tea extract, and many more.

Based on the nutrient label, a can of Peach Mango flavor consists of sodium, sugar, and potassium. The box package is also attractive with a combination of yellow, orange, peach, and blue colors. It is so colorful!

Hiyo Watermelon Lime Review

Do you need a fresh sparkling drink in summer? Hiyo Watermelon Lime is the answer! Imagine the sweet and fresh taste of watermelon and the sour taste of lime. It feels so new in your throat! The team only choose high-quality organic watermelon and lime to produce this product.

Hiyo Watermelon Lime Review
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A can of Watermelon Lime flavor contains sodium and sugar. You can also buy this version in the same packages.

Like the peach-mango version, the watermelon lime also has a mesmerizing package. The combination of light blue, peach, and orange colors attracts sparkling drink lovers to grab it fast.

Hiyo Blackberry Lemon Review

Do you want to drink something bold that kicks your mouth? Try Hiyo Blackberry Lemon. You will get a new sparkling drink sensation once gulping it. Blackberry and lemon have a strong flavor. Imagine if both of these fruits are mixed.

Hiyo Blackberry Lemon Review
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Some wine lovers are even surprised by the sensation of this drink. Save this product on your refrigerator to start a healthy lifestyle without alcohol. I bet you will not miss alcohol anymore after drinking this version.

There are also sodium and sugar in this product. The box design is also colorful and exciting to see. The colors are inspired by the hue of the ingredients, which are light yellow and purple.

Hiyo Pricing 

A box of this product contains 4 cans. You can choose the one-time purchase and subscribe plans. The one-time purchase offers 12 cans. The price per box is $44.99 or $3.75 per can.

The good thing is the cost is cheaper if you take the subscription plan.

You also get 12 cans per box, which costs only $40.49 or $3.37 per can. So it means that you save up to 10 percent. Plus, you get free shipping service anytime you want to restock.

Hiyo Pros and Cons

Hiyo has its pros and cons. Therefore, knowing their upsides and downsides before buying their products is better.

Hiyo Pros

  • This drink is made of selected organic herbs
  • It is not an addictive drink
  • You are about to drink a non-alcohol, gluten-free, and non-GMO product
  • The taste is like a cocktail

Hiyo Cons

  • Some customers think that this product’s cost is a bit pricy than other beverage products in the market.

Is Hiyo Worth It?

Absolutely! Hiyo drink is worth it to buy and consume. You will be amazed by this product even when only looking at the package. It is so appealing and makes you curious about tasting this sparkling water immediately.

Is Hiyo Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/drinkhiyo
facebook.com/drinkhiyo https://facebook.com/drinkhiyo

The taste is also unique and so refreshing! The most important thing is that the company uses organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are free from harmful chemicals. So, it is healthier.

Moreover, you can consume this product anytime and anywhere, including gatherings, reunions, or even in your free time while enjoying the day at home.

Indeed, the health impact is also fantastic! This product is an excellent option for wine or alcohol lovers who need an alternative drink to be sober from addiction.

Hiyo Customer Service 

Do you have any questions about the product and brand after reading this Hiyo review? If so, you can send your inquiries via email to hello@drinkhiyo.com.

You can follow their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok official accounts for the latest information.

This brand also provides you with a regular newsletter. Submit your active email address and tap the sign-up button. You will get the latest brand information, a healthy lifestyle, and a 10% discount code by joining.

Where to Buy Hiyo 

Buying this tonic drink is easy and fast. You can purchase your favorite flavor by ordering it at the official website.

Other than that, you can also purchase from their resellers. Click the stockist menu and get the list of resellers. Find out the nearest resellers from your living area and order from them. For instance, this product is available in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado, and many more.


How does Hiyo make you feel?

You will feel the difference between drinking this sparkling water and alcohol. This drink is about to make you feel healthier and more relaxed. You even feel the chill sensation without getting drunk, like when drinking too much alcohol.

Indeed, it doesn’t feel dizzy or exhausted at all after drinking this product. The truth is that you feel recharged and have a lot of energy to finish all tasks. You can even drive after consuming this product.

Does Hiyo give you a buzz?

One thing is for sure. This drink gives you a better chill sensation. The taste and fresh sensation seem to kick your mouth and throat. The sensation is like drinking alcohol, but it is better and healthier. Indeed, you will also be fascinated with the float. What a brilliant idea!

How many Hiyo drinks can you have?

You should try drinking a single can if it is your first time. Taste and feel the sensation first. The important note! It will be better not to consume this product in more than four cans simultaneously.

You must still follow your daily needs despite the organic and natural ingredients. Drinking more than one can continuously affect your metabolism.

You must also consult your doctor if you have a medication treatment before drinking this sparkling water. It is the same case if you are pregnant and breastfeeding. It is ok to drink it while pregnant or breastfeeding, but consult it with your doctor for your safety.


The point is that this beverage is recommended for overcoming alcohol addiction. The health effect is excellent! You get a different sensation when drinking this product compared to alcohol.

The can is also stylish and modern, so it is fun to bring this product anywhere you want. This Hiyo review seems to ensure you buy and try to feel the fresh sensation.

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