PantryChic Review

PantryChic is made by Nikki Lee, a housewife and mother of three who loves to bake cakes.

PantryChic Review
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The brand is made to help measure ingredients to be precise according to the dosage, such as flour, sugar, chocolate powder, and other ingredients.

For those of you who like to make various cakes, you can try using this product. It can connect with the Chefling app. You can set how many ingredients you want to use according to the recipe. Also, you can try different types of recipes.

As seen on social media, it has 126+ followers on YouTube and 3,2k+ followers on Instagram with verified bandages. This shows that the brand is widely recognized and worthy of being tried.

To prove if the brand is worth checking out, PantryChic review will include details of the best-selling products, how they work, prices, and everything in between. So without further ado, check it out!

Why PantryChic?

Many fail in baking due to incorrect measurements of foodstuffs. Reducing material wastage, the product offers the function to provide the right dose for the material you need.

No need to think hard to guess the ingredients that must be put into the dough; press the button on the product, and you will get the perfect dosing result. The great thing is that you can save time when baking.


  • Offer massive discounts
  • Save cost and time. No need to use a filter to get refined flour results
  • The final result that fits the recipe
  • Support waving 5 Star

What's On PantryChic

Not only it has a sleek design, but this product is very multifunctional. You can even store your groceries. In addition, these products are designed to be airtight, so the stored food will last a long time.

What's On PantryChic
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There are digital scales that can directly weigh the necessary foodstuffs. The storage tube can also be removed and reattached. There are also several tube sizes that you can use according to your needs.

For small-size tubes, it can accommodate foodstuffs on a small scale, for example, in teaspoons, tablespoons, and others below the size of a cup.

The large tube can accommodate a 5-pound bag of flour or a 4-pound bag of sugar. But it must be remembered not to overfill the tube.


  • Large SmartCanister-Food Storage Container has a size of 6.5″Wx 5.5″Hx 9.25″D.
  • Small SmartCanister-Food Storage Container has a size of 3.25″Wx 5.5″Hx 9″D.
  • PantryChic Smart Storage System-Starter Kit, has a size of 7″Wx 11.5″Hx 10″D.


  • Digital scales
  • Small and large sized tubes
  • Streamlined shape

PantryChic Smart Storage System Review

Smart Storage System tubes have airtight properties. This product can also detect what ingredients are in the tube. You can also use the scale to weigh other materials not stored in SmartCanisters.

PantryChic Smart Storage System Review


  • Auto-Measures & Dispenses
  • Preserves Ingredient Freshness with Sleek, Airtight, BPA Free Canisters
  • Smart Appliance that Connects with the Chefling Recipe App
  • Converts Volume to Weight
  • Eliminates the need for Messy measuring cups and spoons
  • Integrated Kitchen Scale for portion control and healthy eating

There are 120 validated materials for the Big SmartCanister and over 100 for the Small SmartCanister. For the ingredient list:

  • Flours
  • Sugars
  • To rice
  • Beans

Luckily, you can get this product at a discounted price of $349.95, cut down from $399.95.

9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10
8.0 8/10

PantryChic Chefling App

PantryChic has a system called Chefling. You can get this Cheffling application in the store application on your mobile phone.

Chefling is a smart app that can connect with the products. This Chefling App serves to identify and track ingredients easily.

If you don’t know what to cook and you really need an idea, you can look for food recipes in Chefling. Inside Chefling, there are various types of recipes that you can try.

Chefling can also help you by showing you what ingredients are in PantryChic SmartCanisters.

How Does PantryChic Work?

When SmartCanisters sit on the base unit, they must be locked in place by a percentile to have a solid connection with the motor. Give the gears a little force to align with the base unit coupler.

When you use a small tube, don’t forget to place the lid whisk on top of the drill before putting your groceries into it. And also, don’t forget to shake the tube to smooth the dispensing before you plug it into the base unit.

How To Use PantryChic

PantryChic consists of a storage tube and the PantryChic Smart Storage System. The first step is to place the storage tube on the item base unit.

Then step two, enter the amount of material you want to measure. Remember to put enough ingredients not to exceed the capacity.

Step three, you can set how many materials you want to use through the buttons provided. You can also see the amount you entered on the small screen in the PantryChic Storage System.

Finally, you can press the expense button, and you’re done. You managed to get a dose of ingredients according to the recipe you have.

PantryChic Pricing

The PantryChic Smart Storage System is sold at $349.95, down from $399.95. Large SmartCanister sells for $39.95 from a price of $44.95. And for Small SmartCanister, the Set sells at $44.95, down from $49.95. There are many discounts that you can get at the official store.

You can buy this PantryChic product at the official store directly and get the discount code. Or you can also visit the Amazon page, which sells PantryChic products.

PantryChic Pros and Cons

As we dig deeper into the brand, we find pros and cons in all aspects, including price, quality, features, etc.

PantryChic Pros

  • Can mash food ingredients such as flour and other powdered ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • There are several storage tubes of various sizes as needed
  • Can save time

PantryChic Cons

  • The large tube is only able to hold a maximum of 5 pounds of flour and 4 pounds of sugar
  • Not all foodstuffs can be stored in tubes. Only some ingredients have been validated

Is PantryChic Worth It?

This product is worth buying. This product is guaranteed how it works and also the quality. The price is also affordable. Not only can you make cakes, but you can also arrange the groceries you have to make other food recipes.

Is PantryChic Worth It?
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You don’t have to tire of measuring ingredients or sifting the flour to make it smooth. Instead, you can use products to prepare your groceries. It is only as simple as just pressing the button. Surely, you will save a lot of time.

PantryChic Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

There are thousands of testimonials available from various sources. And we have summarized some verified customer reviews from Amazon and the original website. Perhaps this will convince you even further.

PantryChic Customer Reviews
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  • PantryChic Smart Storage System received a 3.9/5 rating from 55 reviews
  • PantryChic SmartCanister Large received a 3.9/5 rating from 33 reviews
  • PantryChic SmartCanisters Small received a 4/5 rating from 27 reviews

One of the customers felt very happy with this product’s system. Here’s the review:       

So far, I like the whole system. Great if you like similar organizations and containers for everything.

Other customers are also satisfied with the grocery measuring instrument. Here’s what the reviews look like:

This product is fantastic! I use it mainly for baking, and it has prompted me to switch to weighing my ingredients rather than using cup measurements (weight is much more accurate).

Let’s see another customer that gives his experience using a product he just bought.

After having this system for about two months (and throughout the busy “eating season!”), I realized the problem I had with my desserts not being consistently baked came from my inconsistent measurements. It doesn’t matter anymore! We made homemade pies, cakes, cupcakes, and pancakes, and everything turned out perfect!

It clearly states that the brand has many happy customers, which can lead you to be more confident in choosing the brand’s product as your kitchen partner.

PantryChic Customer Service

If you have anything you want to ask about this product, you can contact customer service:

  • Email:
  • Call/text: 866-450-7145
  • Address: PantryChic, a division of Nik of Time, Inc., PO Box 10248, Newport Beach, California 92658, United States

Where To Buy PantryChic

You can buy the product directly from their official store. Fortunately, you will get a $10 discount code by joining their newsletter.

Or you can also buy it at an Amazon store. You can claim coupons in the Amazon store for an even lower price. This product can also be purchased in the UK and Australia.


With everything described above, we think everyone should try PantryChic as efficiently as possible to measure foodstuffs. You’ll love it, really.

There are two types of tubes of different sizes. Choose the tube size according to your needs. And follow the steps for using the tool. Remember, don’t put a tube filled with flour and sugar near the dispenser. It will make it clump together.

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